Fully-fledged Android mobile security.

A multifunctional security and privacy app with VPN, data breach monitor, 24/7 tech support, and more.

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Protect what matters with Clario mobile antivirus.

Get rid of major digital threats like viruses and spyware and enjoy true Android security with Clario.

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Real-time antivirus

Clario antivirus for Android runs daily scans to keep your device secure.

Worry-free browsing

Clario VPN with 100% traffic encryption disables online tracking of your personal data.

New apps scanning

We’ll check every new app you install on your device to make sure it’s virus-free.

Mobile security that goes far beyond antivirus.

On top of our antivirus for Android, you’ll get 24/7 tech support from people who truly care for your digital life.


Search Engines:

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Location restrictions

Are no longer an issue with Clario VPN — just choose your spot to browse from.

Public Wi-Fi security

Clario will notify you whenever your phone connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi.

Data breach control

Clario will notify instantly if your passwords or emails get disclosed online.

Install Clario for Android

Enjoy a 7-day free trial

An app to simplify online protection.

You’ll find the latest security technology under an intuitive interface. Here’s how it works.

Neil J. Rubenking

Clario puts the focus on the user’s needs, not on its own antivirus technology, and it offers always-on live chat help.

Install Clario for Android

Enjoy a 7-day free trial

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Up to 6 devices

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System requirements:


macOS 10.13 and higher, 220 MB


iOS 12+

Android 7.0+

Browser Extension:

Chrome 66+

Safari 10+

We can’t get tired of answering your questions.

Even though Android devices have some default anti-malware features, installing a more advanced antivirus app is strongly advised. This way, you can be sure your device is protected in real time, not just from viruses, but data breaches and annoying ads.

Yes, Clario antivirus software for Android offers a 7-day free trial that allows users to try all the features the paid version provides. After the trial expires, you can solve one issue with the Clario tech support for free.

Unlike other Android mobile security and privacy apps we’re all used to, Clario offers a revolutionary approach to digital safety: very simple and intuitive design backed by powerful high-tech protection features. On top of real-time protection of your device, Clario also provides 24/7 tech support by real humans who truly care for your worry-free life online.

The majority of Clario’s features are not resource-heavy, which means they won’t affect your device’s performance. However, the VPN feature might challenge your system a little bit more compared to other Clario functions.

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