Securing Your Digital Life

At first, technology simplified our lives. But, at some point, it began to create an alternative lifestyle all by itself, one with its own rules, realities, and risks. Today, an increasing number of us live two lives at once - real and digital. The question is, do we enjoy equal security across both?

Making secure decisions

Technology now plays a part in almost all of our day-to-day decisions. And every time we use technology to do something - get public transport or use a taxi-hailing service, to communicate with our friends, order a pizza, buy cinema tickets, or workout - we’re generating information about our choices and ourselves.


While a lot of this information (data) might not seem like a huge secret, it might be something quite personal to us. We might not mind our friends knowing we’re spending money on going to a weight loss class, but how about our colleagues? Breaching shameful information is not the only consequence of a personal data disclosure. It may also result, for instance, in financial loss, become the first step in breaching even more sensitive data, in the device crashing, in losing control over your social media accounts (which may become a reason for a billion of fraudulent activities), and so on.


We should be free to decide who sees what decisions we make. Why should we be ok with hugely powerful companies knowing what pizza toppings we go for, let alone get insights into our self-esteem? How do we know the data they’re collecting on our financial transactions is safe from hackers? Finally, what if one day we meet our digital twins with the same pizza topping preferences and bank credentials? Added together, even the most innocuous-seeming fragments of personal information can be combined without our permission for nefarious purposes.


Cybersecurity sounds complicated. And difficult. And boring. And I-don’t-care-and-don’t-want-to-deal-with-this-at-all! But, taking control is both more important and easier than you think.


As a digital privacy and security company, we think that the best way to respond to digital threats to our real lives is… technology and real human support combined.

The 6 key areas of your digital life

While designing the Clario product we carefully considered 6 key areas that people need control over in order to feel secure around their digital lives. We then removed any difficult terminology and confusing product interactions to help give people an effortless, simplified interface.


Here are a few insights around the 6 key areas of your digital life that we cover:

Browsing - access safely and securely

Ever absent-mindedly searched for a product online, only to be bombarded by ads for that same product weeks later? Ever tried to watch your favorite series or crucial end-of-season game on vacation only to find the content locked because you’re in a different geographic region? Had airfares suddenly jump the next time you looked because your browsing is being tracked? Ever clicked an unknown link, only to find out your Mac is infected by a virus?


Clario puts a stop to all of that, removing annoying ads, trackers, hiding your location, and helping you steer clear of malicious websites wherever you are in the world.

Money - shop and bank online without worry

According to the recent stats, the amount of credit card data available on the dark web has increased by 153% over the past year. Our comprehensive app will help make sure your financial info and money stay where they’re supposed to be. We’ll protect you from spyware, credit card data breaches and phishing sites that try to get hold of your credentials and take advantage. And we’ll be here on-hand with emergency assistance if anything goes awry.


So, anytime you decide to shop and bank for something online, Clario allows you to do it with peace of mind.

Device - protect your gadgets

Today, a lot of networked devices are equipped with a camera and microphone - home security systems, even baby monitors. The connectivity provided by the Internet of Things is great for giving us a view and remote control to our digital world. The drawback is that strangers can also look back in the other way and even take that control away from us.


As well as helping you set up your networked devices or making sure the ones you currently have installed are safe, we’re able to restrict the access of third-party programs, malicious sites, viruses, and other malware.

Identity - enable “me is mine” mode

To use the majority of services, such as social media, messengers, online stores, etc., we need to create a personal account. Unfortunately, that private, personal data can turn public within a matter of seconds.


Over the past decade, we witnessed 5 massive breaches of personal data, 3 of which happened in 2018-2019. Only within the first half of 2019 alone, more than 3,800 breaches were reported exposing over 4.1 billion records.


Clario’s powerful software will be able to keep your identity safe by real-time monitoring of personal data breaches - from passwords to social security numbers. If a breach occurs, our expert remote assistants will proactively help you to cope with the consequences through a phone or video call or in-app chat.

Data - safeguard your files

Today devices store a huge amount of the things we hold precious in the form of data - photos and videos of loved ones, treasured memories, special songs, important documents. Although they don’t feel as tangibly fragile as a paper birth certificate, they’re still vulnerable to damage and deletion.


Clario software makes sure no malicious app is able to harm your data, and no third-party app can access your files without your permission. And we decrease the chances of you losing access to your own files, ensuring your data is secured properly both in the cloud and on physical devices.

Network - secure your connections

Ever wondered what you’re giving up each time you provide those small personal details - name, email etc. - when joining a public Wi-Fi? These “free” networks can often come at a high price. A popular scam even involves setting up fake public Wi-Fi spaces just to get your personal details.


By the way, did you hear about the case recently reported in MailOnline in which a 7-year-old broke into a Wi-Fi hotspot in just 10 minutes and 54 seconds? “Genius,” you may think. But, actually all she had to do was to watch an online video tutorial. Should we really feel safe connecting to a Wi-Fi spot that could be hacked by a child?


Clario will warn you if you’re trying to connect to unsafe public Wi-Fi. We also won’t let anyone connect to your home network including any IoT devices. We’ll do literally everything we can to stop strangers intruding into your private life.

About users and surprises

Clario’s main aim is to make things better, simpler, safer, and easier. It’s a place for you to take control of your security whenever you bank, work, or play online.


At Clario, we believe your security is something that matters. You should be free to make your own decisions with confidence, empowered and supported wherever, whenever, or however you connect right across your digital life.


Interested? Check out our next-generation cybersecurity solution for yourself.

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