This is the Internet of Us

While you’re sitting down reading this, parts of you are being beamed all around the planet at the speed of light. Important parts of you. Parts that speak to your loved ones. Parts that keep your money safe. Parts that offer a window into your soul. Parts converted into data.


Data is everywhere. Literally. Every time you check your phone, use your bank card, open your laptop, hit ‘like’, or tap an app, you’re generating data. We live in a world knitted together by endless streams of it and it’s all powered by our personal needs, desires, and imaginations. This is not the Internet of Things. It’s the Internet of Us.


The frontier of this digital dreamscape is wild, beautiful and inspiring. But it’s also a cruel, unforgiving, and often bewildering place. The truth is if our data is vulnerable and exposed here, so are we. 

Do take it personally.

Wikipedia defines a data breach is “a security violation in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen, or used by an individual unauthorized to do so.”


In human terms, what that means is, your data, the digital parts of you, are being secretly watched and potentially messed with by someone else. 


And data breaches are on the increase. According to the Identity Theft Resource Centre, in 2018 alone, the number of impacted records from breaches hit 447 million records, an increase of over 12 times since 2016!


Every time you hear about some major, but distant-sounding data breach in the news, it doesn’t mean it’s just happened. It means it’s only just been reported on. It doesn’t mean it’s happened to someone who uses ‘PA55WORD1’ to login to their accounts, it means it’s happened to someone just like you. 


All networked devices transmit data to their manufacturers. Things like default passwords (our own research found that 44% of people use one password for all their accounts) and each time they’re hacked, you’re exposed.


The true significance of data breaches goes beyond credit card details. Recently, we may have seen it used to impact the results of elections and referenda. This is because what may seem like dry bits of information are taken, broken down, and studied with fiendish ingenuity to build incredibly accurate insights into our current and future behavior. 


So, how can we keep pushing at the boundaries of our own digital horizons without feeling like someone’s on our tail, going through our trash and generally creeping out on us?


What we’re proposing at Clario is an integrated solution. Something that takes constantly updated security tech and fuses it with real humans providing you with expert support, on hand whenever you need. It’s a human solution for people living in a digital world.


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