Why Antivirus Software Alone Can’t Fully Protect You

Advances in tech have opened new and ever-evolving possibilities for us. Advancements that have started a revolution in the ways we communicate, create, and get inspired. Unfortunately, at the same time, new possibilities for malware, scams, and spyware have also spread. 


Sometimes, an antivirus is simply not enough. 
So Download Clario now and protect your digital life.


A simple solution might seem to back yourself up with solid antivirus software so you can keep talking, making, and exploring worry-free. But, sadly, it’s not that easy.

1. New malware appears all the time

Antivirus software can, of course, be super effective at fighting malicious programs that attack your computer. However, new viruses appear at an enormous rate. By 2021 the cost of cybercrime is expected to grow to $6 trillion. It’s estimated that eight new cyber threats get created every second of every day...!


So, while the good guys are busy creating new antivirus programs, in reality, they’re always playing catch-up. Sure there are ways to try and predict future internet threats, but you can’t accurately predict them all. So unless someone comes up with clairvoyant antivirus protection (maybe Google’s artificial intelligence research with DeepMind’s on it), you’re never going to get software that’s future-proof.

2. Data breaches are out of your control

By now, you’ve probably shared your private data with hundreds of organizations. We do it every day. Social media, shops, schools, hospitals, internet service providers, app developers, and many other companies routinely collect and store our personal details. What could possibly go wrong?


Data breaches are on the rise. On average, three data breaches have impacted US companies every day during the last 5 years. Uber, Facebook, NASA, Equifax, Marriott — all of these huge companies got hit recently. Can you be sure that someone holding your credit card details won’t be next? Having personal antivirus software can’t stop data about you stored with a third party being breached.

3. Some digital threats just can’t be beaten by software

Good old-fashioned grifters and scammers don’t just rely on advanced hacking techniques or sophisticated malware. They employ a variety of methods in conjunction with them including turning up in person or calling you and falsely misrepresenting themselves. What antivirus software can protect you or someone vulnerable you care about from that?


And there are still many online threats that you can only prevent by being 100% attentive 100% of the time. One in 99 emails is a phishing attack. Take a look at how many mails are in your inbox and work out how many are scams and potential security threats (Woah!!! I just did it. I really need to stay on top of my inbox).


* * *


So, no hope, right? Might as well grab your bug out kit and head for the hills? Actually, since you’re here and everything... We’re creating something that adds an extra level of privacy and security protection to combat internet threats.


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