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Protect from data leaks, unsecure connections, annoying ads, and more - Clario guards your online security.

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iPhone internet security made easy.

Clario helps you get digital piece of mind. Let’s make those intrusive ads that irritate you and slow down your device disappear once and for all. Clario’s private browsing feature will help you enjoy internet surfing and keep those spying eyes at bay.

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Instant ad blocking.

Block annoying ads easily and enjoy convenient stats.

Public Wi-Fi security.

Get notified when connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi and protect your online shopping.

Private browsing.

Surf the web privately without your internet provider tracking you.

Clario is not an antivirus for iOS. It’s way more.

As iOS is secure and needs no additional antivirus, Clario is designed as a simple yet powerful mobile security app that goes far beyond virus removal. Security tools, integrated 24/7 human assistance, protected connections - all made possible with Clario.

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24/7 data breach monitoring.

Scan as many emails as you want and get instant alerts on any breached password, credit card, or phone number data.

Fast VPN.

Take advantage of 100% private browsing with traffic encryption and a strict no-log policy.

24/7 service from security experts.

Reach out to our Clario security experts - send unlimited requests or chat 24/7/365.

Install Clario for iOS

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Rock-solid protection in one simple app.

Clario watches over your security and privacy 24/7. See how it works.

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Clario puts the focus on the user’s needs, not on its own antivirus technology, and it offers always-on live chat help.

Install Clario for iOS

Enjoy a 7-day free trial

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System requirements:


macOS 10.13
and higher, 220MB


iOS 13+

Android 7.0+

Browser Extension:

Chrome 66+

Safari 10+

We’re here to answer all your questions.

Yes, but it's very rare, and there are 2 main reasons for that. The first one is that iOS features a closed ecosystem, which means each app operates in its own space, so viruses can’t interact with other apps easily. The second is that iPhone users are only allowed to download apps from the App Store, which is extremely safe. Downloading apps directly from the internet is prohibited unless users jailbreak their device.

Yes, Clario offers a 7-day free trial with all the features provided with the paid version. After the trial period expires, the user may use the Clario support agents to solve any single tech issue for free.

Unlike other apps that provide temporary security fixes, Clario brings you total peace of mind every time you go online. Our pioneering tech works in synergy with the digital security experts who help you live your digital life safely 24/7. Behind Clario’s uniquely intuitive design lies a powerful toolset that covers your digital security and privacy needs - all in one app.

Any VPN can affect your battery because this feature makes your device perform many operations at once. The constant usage of Clario VPN may increase the usage of your battery by approximately 10-15%. However, please note that the effect may be weaker or stronger depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, CPU, and data encryption level.

No. The specificity of the iOS ecosystem and the restriction users have for not being able to download apps from the internet safeguard your iOS devices from viruses. Still, you may need to protect your devices from other possible types of digital threads such as ads, trackers, unsecure Wi-Fi, and so on.

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