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Enjoy fast, easy ad blocking for Chrome and Safari.

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Enjoy the web the way it’s meant to be, with Clario’s intuitive ad blocking features.

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Complete control.

Allow your favorite sites to display ads you want to see with a couple of clicks.

Phishing site detection.

Use the Mac desktop client to detect suspicious websites.


Stop internet providers from tracking your browsing habits.


Install the Clario ad blocker on macOS and iOS.

More than just an ad and pop-up blocker.

Our browser extension scans for suspicious websites and blocks unsafe ones, while stopping pop-up ads and trackers.

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Real-time antivirus.

Keep your Mac immune to threats thanks to built-in malware protection.

Data breach monitor.

Get instant notifications on any breached passwords, emails, phone number, or credit card info.

Experts on tap:

Need help with a security issue? Chat with our experts 24/7, 365 days a year.

All-round protection:

Install Clario on up to six devices, including iPhone and Android phones.

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Download the Clario ad blocker for Mac.

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Neil J. Rubenking

It’s friendly and educational, focusing always on what the user wants to accomplish rather than on its own features

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Up to 6 devices
Covering macOS, iOS, Android + Safari & Chrome browsers
30 days money-back guarantee
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System requirements:


macOS 10.13
and higher, 220 MB


iOS 12+

Android 7.0+

Browser Extension:

Chrome 66+

Safari 10+


Unlike some ad blockers, Clario doesn’t sell your data to third parties. It’s also been designed so it won’t ruin your browsing experience by blocking important website scripts and other elements.

Ad blocking is just one of several things Clario can do. It’s also an antivirus app with real-time protection, a VPN, and a data breach monitor thrown in for good measure. Plus, it offers 24/7 chat support from Clario’s cybersecurity experts.

By default, no. That’s why ad blockers like Clario’s are so important. They enable you to quickly and effectively stop ads from displaying unless you give them permission. And because some ads can contain trackers or even viruses, an ad blocker can be good for security and privacy too.

Yes, you can, and if you’re concerned about your privacy, they make a great combination. Even better, with the Clario app, you get a VPN service as part of your subscription. So you can block ads and trackers, while hiding your location at the same time.

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