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“…the Uber of cyber security”.

by Amelia Heathman from The Evening Standard

Your digital security made simple.

One app covering
all your protection needs

Control your digital life from a single Personal Security Dashboard covering everything from your online identity to financial transactions, your network to browsing, your devices to data privacy.

Human intelligence
on demand 24/7

If intelligent software can’t help you, our intelligent humans can. As new digital threats emerge, your team of security experts is here to support you through any eventuality. Real humans. Real help. Every time.

A personalized
solution tailored to you

Clario is customized according to your protection needs. We offer recommendations based on your concerns so you can be secure and private in the ways that best suit you.


It’s time for change.

Our lives have become increasingly digital. At the same time, cybercrime has rocketed. It’s estimated to grow to a cost of $6 trillion by 2021*. With 1,861 people becoming victims every 60 seconds** our digital security is more important now than ever before.

Clario is a simple, comprehensive, personalized protection app. It comes with a full suite of intelligent security software and intelligent people to help you live a better, safer digital life.

*According to Cybersecurity Ventures** According to RiskIQ

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Whenever, wherever or however you connect, we put you in control of your digital privacy and security.

Alun Baker,

CEO at Clario

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Your digital life secured from one easy place.

We’ll safeguard you against online threats, money loss, breaches of your personal information and online identity, as well as securing your browsing, Wi-Fi, and more.

Hey Joe, everything's looking good!



Look after your identity in real time to protect against data breaches.

Safeguard your online identity.



Browse securely and privately without ads or getting tracked or hacked.

Browse privately & restriction-free.



Monitoring your devices against online threats in real time.

Keep your device protected.



Shop and bank online securely with more confidence through added protection.

Shop or bank online securely.



Connect to the world safely, securely, and privately on any network.

Secure home and public networks.



Safeguarding your data and security across your local and cloud storage.

Protect your cloud and local files.

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Clario is more than just digital protection software.

Clario is more than just digital protection software.

For today’s connected lives, digital protection and privacy software is essential. But, it can’t cover you against every new threat lurking up ahead. That’s why we integrated security and privacy experts into Clario to deliver you the best comprehensive protection ever. 600+ security experts are here for you 24/7 through live chats, on a call, or via remote connection. No chatbots - just real people here to solve real problems whenever you need us.

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But don’t take our word for it.

Just ask our customer Charmaine...

It can help you prevent some things from happening by giving you tips on how to maintain security when you’re online, or how to prevent someone from hacking you, or things on your computer, as well as preventing breaches...

But don’t take our word for it.

Just ask our customer April...

Software that allows you to protect everything, from your Wi-Fi to your credit cards, your computer, your files, your searches.

But don’t take our word for it.

Just ask our customer Susan...

…So you can now access your bank, transfer funds, input your ID, passwords freely, without a worry that someone is tapping into your Wi-Fi.

Connect safely and live life freely.

We are

Supporting people in need.

Supporting people in need.

In response to COVID-19 outbreak, we've launched a free tech helpline.

If you or anyone you know needs support, assistance, or advice dealing with routine tasks in a new, digital way - would it be grocery shopping, paying bills, or staying in touch with our loved ones, our tech experts are there to help, for free.

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Jargon-free, intuitive, and easy to use, Clario comes with:

  • Anti-malware protection

    Avoid threats while browsing, shopping, and banking, all backed up by security experts on demand 24/7.

    Anti-malware protection
  • VPN

    Stop people looking over your shoulder. Clario's VPN protects your devices for better, safe browsing.

  • Ad blocker

    Get rid of annoying ads and enjoy a cleaner, quicker, more comfortable time online.

    Ad blocker
  • ID Theft

    Advanced software and security experts you can trust to stop people stealing your personal information.

    ID Theft