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We are Clario - a passionate team of people doing something radically different with cybersecurity.

We believe that everyone has the right to digital privacy and security. But, until there’s a solution that works for everyone, that right will go unrealized. We’ve created Clario to be that solution by making personal digital protection simple.

It’s time for change.

Cybercrime is skyrocketing. It’s estimated to grow to a cost of $6 trillion by 2021*. No one is coming close to dealing with the problem. We can sit and wait for Big Tech to regulate itself or for governments to do something, or we can take a stand together.

*According to Cybersecurity Ventures.

*According to Cybersecurity Ventures.

Clario simplifies your digital life.

Antivirus is no longer enough. People are living more complex digital lifestyles. Clario works with you by making your online security simple.

and with 600 Clario people in 5 locations

From Clario’s blog.

Who said online protection was boring? Read more about how digital security is increasingly impacting all of our lives on our blog.

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