Clario is a simple app for today’s complex, connected lives.

We’ll safeguard you against online threats, breaches of your personal info and online identity, as well as securing your payments, browsing, and Wi-Fi.

Clario is jargon-free, intuitive, and easy to use.

A unique fusion of security software and 24/7 expert human assistance.

Clario Software, Cybersecurity solution, Clario product

600+ security experts are here for you 24/7 through live chats, on a call, or via remote connection. No chatbots - just real people here to solve real problems whenever you need us.

Your personal security dashboard.

Control the key areas of your digital life from Clario’s intuitive interface.

Cover your essential protection needs in one place. We’ll monitor for threats in real time with expert advice to help you take control.

Browse securely and privately without ads or getting tracked.

Clario Software, Cybersecurity solution, Clario product


Connect to the world safely, securely, and privately on any network.


Safeguarding your data security across your local and cloud storage.


Browse securely and privately without ads or getting tracked and hacked.


Monitoring your devices against online threats in real time.


Looking after your identity in real time to protect against data breaches.


Shop and bank online securely with more confidence through added protection.


Your team of digital security experts on demand, 24/7.

Clario works in synergy with human intelligence. Any time software lets you down, we’re always ready to help you with things like:

  • Securing mail and social media accounts to prevent ID theft
  • Giving emergency assistance in case you get hacked or your data gets breached
  • Configuring enhanced browser security to protect you while shopping and exploring online
  • Securing your home network - from routers to smart devices
  • Performing general security and privacy fixes

And much more...


Digital life, secured.

One app
covering all your
protection needs.

Clario protects you from online threats, data breaches, ads, hacking and more in a single app.

We love software.
But we know it can’t
protect you 100%
of the time.

Our intelligent digital security experts go beyond intelligent software. Real humans. Real help. Every time.

A personalized Clario
experience tailored to you.

We’ll offer recommendations based on your concerns so you can be secure and private in the ways that suit you.

We’re the
experts so you
don’t have
to be. Lets go.
We are

Here’s how Clario helps you.

Secure home and public networks

Clario connects you to the world safely, securely, and privately while using home network or public Wi-Fi. We’ll set up and secure your home network, including IoT devices to stop strangers hacking into your private life.

Browse worry- and restriction-free

Clario makes sure you browse securely and privately without being tracked or hacked. Browse ad-free and access content without location restrictions.

Safeguard your online identity

Clario keeps your passwords and online accounts private and secure from data breaches. We’ll monitor for breaches 24/7 and alert you if there are any, with your team of experts ready to support you. We’ll also show you how much personal info you share with unwanted apps.

Protect your cloud and local files

Our app will automatically block malicious apps from harming and getting unauthorized access to files. We’ll also protect against someone accessing your personal files stored online when you connect.

Keep your devices protected

Clario ensures real-time system security from malware through monitoring and blocking online threats. Take care of your personal privacy by protecting your camera and microphone from spyware.

Shop and bank online securely

Clario takes care of your online shopping and banking accounts with extra security by protecting your payment data against hacking and malware. And your security experts are always here to help you in case your payment details get compromised.

We take care of all the boring stuff so you don't have to.

  • Available for macOS, iOS and Android
  • Leading anti-malware solution with real‑time protection
  • Real-time data breach monitoring
  • Powerful Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Digital security experts on hand 24/7 for advice and help
  • Smart ad-blocking and anti-tracking
  • Home network and IoT device security and support
  • Emergency expert support

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