Instant alerts if your accounts get hacked

Ad-free browsing on your mobile phone

Connect to WiFi with confidence

24/7 security experts just a click away

Your mobile phone is your everything.

Today your mobile phone is your window to the world. You use it for shopping, banking, staying in touch, and much more. Your mobile phone stores the keys to your social accounts, your private info and precious memories. The best way to stop strangers peering back in is the Clario mobile security app.

Fraud through mobile phones has increased by a staggering 680%*

You’re not going to stop using your mobile phone. Just make sure someone doesn’t use it to get at you.

*According to RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center and Check Point Software.

Stay secure on the go with mobile security for iOS and Android.

Protect your identity.

We'll monitor your emails for password breaches 24/7. If there’s a problem, we’ll alert you, re-secure your accounts and put you back in control.

Browse worry-free.

Clario’s VPN gives you access to restricted shows and sites while hiding your real location - all while you browse ad-free on your mobile phone.

Secure your connections.

Backyard, bar, hotel - we’ll secure any Wi-Fi connection and the data you share so you can browse on home and public Wi-Fi worry-free.

All with 24/7 security experts just a chat away.

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Mobile security: personal digital protection from your pocket.

Clario’s mobile app shields your security and privacy. It’s a simple yet powerful mobile security app, with integrated expert human assistance on-hand 24/7.

  • Expert assistance 24/7

  • Identity protection

  • Private browsing

  • Public Wi-Fi security

Security and privacy experts here for you 24/7

  • Text your friends when you’re in a fix? Text us too, right from the app.
  • We’ll help with any digital security issue to go beyond what software alone can

Secure your digital identity on the go

  • Get instant data breach alerts on your mobile phone
  • Get expert help if your social media account is hacked
mobile phone

Browse websites privately and restriction-free

  • Browse tracker-free and without ads* *macOS and iOS only
  • Unblock all streaming services and your favorite websites

Connect securely to any network with our VPN

  • We'll notify you whenever your mobile device connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi
  • Safeguard your online banking and shopping on public Wi-Fi

Ready for a better, safer digital life?


iOS & Android

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Look after your identity in real time to protect against data breaches.

Safeguard your online identity.



Browse securely and privately without ads or getting tracked or hacked.

Browse privately & restriction-free.



Monitoring your devices against online threats in real time.

Keep your device protected.



Shop and bank online securely with more confidence through added protection.

Shop or bank online securely



Connect to the world safely, securely, and privately on any network.

Secure home and public networks



Safeguarding your data and security across your local and cloud storage.

Protect your cloud and local files

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Data breach monitoring

Safe browsing

Ad blocking


24/7 security experts