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If you or someone you know needs general tech support or advice to cope with daily tasks online, we’re ready to help.

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Our team of 600+ skilled tech-support agents are here to help, totally free.

We know that it can be hard for some people to get to grips with constantly evolving technology sometimes, which is why we are offering to help. We’ll support people who need it with everything from online grocery shopping, to getting connected with family and loved ones.

If you, or someone you know could use our help get in touch now :)

We’re here to support you - for free. Take a look at the things we can help you with during quarantine:

We’re here to support you - for free. Take a look at the things we can help you with during quarantine:

  • Resolving slow internet connection at home

  • Setting up Apple/Google Pay on your phone

  • Safely shopping and paying your bills online

  • Protecting yourself from hacking attacks

  • Avoiding coronavirus scams online

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Alun Baker
CEO Clario

Let's stay safe.

These days, we’re not just getting used to working from home but to living increasingly digital lives.

Particularly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, things like grocery shopping, coffee breaks with colleagues, Friday drinks with friends, and even birthday celebrations have gone online.

Like never before, our lives depend on all things digital. And like never before, our digital lives need protection.

We’ve decided to support you in the best ways we can by launching free tech support for those who need help at this turbulent time.

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