Stay safe with Clario’s secure VPN for Mac.

Your data is your business. Keep it that way, with Clario’s intuitive VPN features.

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VPN software that lets you browse on your own terms.

Your privacy shouldn’t be up for discussion. So arm yourself with Clario’s built-in VPN service, and keep your data secure.

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Powerful encryption

Clario encrypts your data as standard, so no one can read it without your permission.

Hide your information

Your anonymity is assured. Both your IP address and location are hidden with our Mac VPN solution.

Work without limits

Don’t worry about running out of bandwidth. With Clario, there are no limits on what you can do.

Stream your own way

Get access to region-locked websites and videos. It’s fast and easy to switch on.

Connect in safety

Use public Wi-Fi connections, without worrying about how secure it is.

The Mac VPN service that’s so much more.

Clario is more than just the best VPN client for Mac. It’s a complete security package with a range of powerful features to protect you, both online and off.

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Real-time antivirus

Work and play in peace, with constant protection from Clario’s malware-detection features.


Block malicious websites and online ads with Clario add-on for Chrome and Safari.

Help when you need it

Chat with a bank of security experts, any time of day, all year round.

Data breach protection

Get alerts if your personal data has been leaked to the internet.

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Privacy protection that really works.

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If Clario does find a threat, it presents a plain-English explanation of what the actual risk is.

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Up to 6 devices
Covering Mac, mobile, and web.
30 days money-back guarantee
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System requirements:


macOS 10.13
and higher, 220 MB


iOS 12+

Android 7.0+

Browser Extension:

Chrome 66+

Safari 10+


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, a service that sits between your computer and the rest of the internet. It hides your private information, such as your location and IP address. If you want to protect your privacy, or if you want websites to think you’re browsing from somewhere else, a VPN is a good idea.

The VPN comes as standard when you install the Clario security app. Simply download the Clario installer, a .pkg file, then run it and follow the instructions. Once it’s installed, set up an account or log in.

Yes, you can. You can have up to six devices on one licence, including Android phones and iPhones. So if you’re a big Apple fan, Clario is one of the best VPNs for Mac and iOS. It means you’re covered no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Clario is much more than a VPN client for Mac. It’s a fully fledged cybersecurity solution, with antivirus and data breach protection. Plus, it gives you easy access to advice from a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts. Just click the chat button, and someone will be there to help.

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