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Clario to Disrupt Digital Security & Privacy Market

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LONDON, December 10 Clario Tech Ltd, a newly formed digital privacy and security company, today announces its intent to reinvigorate the stagnant digital security industry and fight the $6 trillion cybercrime crisis, through its development of a security software solution that seamlessly integrates human support with intuitive UI and powerful features.

Clario. Digital life, secured

Clario is on a mission to deliver on the promise of digital life, secured. The company will spend $30 million in 2020 to develop and market Clario with a team of 800 people including 600 on-demand tech experts. Its goal is to become the consumer champion in the security software space. The new product will be showcased for the first time at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and a limited number of users will be able to sign up for a preview of the product at that time. A retail version is expected to ship in Q2.


The new company, headquartered in the UK, has acquired both IP and human capital from Kromtech Alliance Corp., originators of the MacKeeper performance and protection app. Clario will continue to support MacKeeper for its three million active users while finalizing development of a new product, called Clario.

The next-generation digital privacy and security solution

Clario’s soon to be available product is a next-generation digital privacy and security solution, with a very different approach. A combination of software and helpful on-demand tech experts to secure you whether you are shopping, banking, working or playing.


“My team and I have been consulting on this effort for over a year, to meet the industry’s failure to address the cybercrime crisis,” explained CEO Alun Baker, who has more than 20 years of experience growing and transforming tech companies. “Traditional security software is far too intimidating and overwhelming to use and requires customers to understand security risks and jargon before they can even begin to use the products currently on the market. We have a radically different approach. Through a combination of engaging, intuitive UX and seamlessly integrated 24/7 human assistance, we will quickly serve notice to the security software space that people deserve better.”


Clario will initially be focused on meeting the needs of Apple customers through apps designed for both macOS and iOS. But later, it plans to support other platforms including Windows and Android.

Championing human rights in digital privacy and security

At the core of Clario’s vision for digital life, secured, is the belief that everyone has the right to digital privacy and security. This is in contrast to the growing $6 trillion cybercrime crisis. 1 in 3 homes (US) has been affected by malicious software and 1 in 2 adult Americans have had their data exposed. 447 million records were exposed in 2018, an increase over 12 times from 2016; individuals’ personal private data being made public. Free antivirus software is not enough. The industry is not succeeding in protecting the rights to digital privacy and security of consumers.


Clario’s next-generation digital security and privacy solution will make digital security simple for all. Making it easier for people to take control of their digital privacy and security.

Clario Tech DMCC transforms MacKeeper

With the completion of the acquisition of assets, Kromtech, the developer of MacKeeper, will be wound down as an operating entity. This will accelerate the transformation of MacKeeper, which has been criticized for its past use of third-party affiliates, who engaged in aggressive sales techniques to promote the sale of the software.


As part of Clario, MacKeeper has eliminated these techniques, and has also now been AppEsteem certified the gold standard for app quality and reliability something that none of the leading brands in the market have achieved. AppEsteem's certification process requires companies to undergo a rigorous and demanding review that entails detailed substantive analyses for both consumer-protection criteria and multiple levels of a technical review.

About Clario

We are Clario Tech DMCC, a consumer-focused cybersecurity company on a mission to change an industry.


We’re over 800 professionals including 600 digital security experts with the one common goal supporting everyone’s right to a digital life, secured.


By 2021 the cost of cybercrime is expected to grow to $6 trillion. The industry, large corporates, and governments have failed to address what is a globally endemic problem. We’re here to change this by creating a next-generation digital security solution with a human touch.


What we’re offering goes beyond software. We combine the latest advances in digital security with tech experts on hand 24/7 to help our customers where technology fails. Because we understand that technology alone cannot protect you 100% of the time.


Our product with its intuitive and engaging UX design has been specifically created to promote better digital safety through ease of use.


We say ‘We Are Clario’ because we see our digital rights and digital security as a collective responsibility. Let’s go together.


We’re launching our next-generation product in 2020. Headquartered in London, led by CEO Alun Baker, with operations in Ukraine. 

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