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How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is Spying on You

There’s nothing cute about your boyfriend or husband spying on you. No matter how close or in love you are, you must draw the line somewhere. Your boyfriend should respect your privacy. If he’s spying on you online, he could do it in person and intimidate you, which can make you feel uncomfortable or, worse, unsafe. Find out if your partner is monitoring your phone remotely with Clario Anti Spy’s Spyware scan.

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What it means if your boyfriend is spying on you

If your boyfriend is spying on you, it could mean he’s paranoid that you could be doing something he would disapprove of. It could also mean he’s controlling, which can sometimes lead to abuse. Additionally, maybe he doesn’t trust you.

Reasons why your boyfriend is spying on you

There are plenty of reasons why your man is spying on you. He probably doesn’t trust you, suspects you’re cheating, or is just insecure because he believes you’re out of his league. He could be doing it because it’s a bad habit he’s picked up from past relationships. Your significant other could also be controlling.


A spouse spying on your phone is a reality some married couples face. However, unmarried couples experience it too. Here are some more reasons why your lover is monitoring your every move:

  • His previous partner cheated on him or was untrustworthy, so he’s afraid you might behave the same way.
  • His friends spy on their girlfriends and have convinced him to do the same.
  • You’ve cheated on him before, so he has difficulty trusting you.
  • He has a spying addiction.
  • You promised to give up a bad habit, so he wants to make sure you’re following through in his absence.
  • He is battling mental health issues and is taking it out on you.
  • Your relationship with your male friends or exes makes him uncomfortable.
  • He wants to make sure you’re safe.
  • He’s curious about who you hang out with and where you hang out when you’re away from him.
  • His friends and family believe you’re up to no good, and he wants to prove them wrong.
  • He’s up to no good and is paranoid that you could be doing something similar.

Is spyware illegal? Yes, spyware is illegal. Your boyfriend has no right to track you unless you’ve given him explicit permission to do so (in which case it wouldn’t be spying). Even if he promises never to monitor your phone, you can’t take his word for it.


Be proactive and check your phone for signs of spying with Clario Anti Spy’s Spyware scan. It’s reliable, fool-proof software that thoroughly scans your phone for spying threats. If it finds them, you can immediately eliminate them by following the prompts in the app.


Follow these steps to use Clario Anti Spy’s Spyware scan:

  1. Download Clario AntiSpy and create an account.
  2. Select Spyware scan, choose Run deep scan, and delete any threats Clario Anti Spy finds.
One of the best ways to make sure your boyfriend isn't spying on you is by using the right software. To identify and deal with spying threats using Clario AntiSpy’s Spyware scan, download Clario AntiSpy and create an account. Select Spyware scan > Run deep scan, and follow the guide.

Signs that your boyfriend is spying on you

Do you suspect your guy is spying on you? How do you know if they’re just curious or are crossing your boundaries and monitoring you without your consent? These are the signs of a stalker boyfriend you should look out for:

  1. He behaves strangely and seems to hide his guilt
  2. Your boyfriend asks many questions
  3. He knows your exact location
  4. Your boyfriend knows the things you didn't tell him about
  5. Requests to share your private messages
  6. Your phone starts working slowly
  7. Decreasing device battery life
  8. High data usage
  9. Unusual emails or text messages
  10. Your device has programs you don't know

Read our guide below to know if your boyfriend is spying on you.

1. He behaves strangely and seems to hide his guilt

Your boyfriend could be keeping tabs on you to cover his tracks. He may be monitoring you to ensure you don’t catch him if he’s cheating or involved in inappropriate behavior.

Good to know

According to Forbes, guilt makes you paranoid.

For example, he can read your WhatsApp conversations with friends and family to look for clues about whether you’re onto him. Chances are, if you suspect he’s up to something, you might share your concerns with those close to you for advice.

2. Your boyfriend asks many questions

If your significant other constantly asks questions about your whereabouts, who you were with, when, and why, he’s probably monitoring you. Under normal circumstances, the information you voluntarily give your other half should be enough. But when they’re tracking you, it never is, and they end up asking you a ton of follow-up questions.

3. He knows your exact location

Your boyfriend somehow knows about your every move. For example, let’s say you usually come straight home from work, but one day, you stop by the grocery store or somewhere else but forget to tell him. If he knows about it, it’s probably because he’s tracking your GPS location.

4. Your boyfriend knows the things you didn't tell him about

Have you ever caught your boyfriend mentioning events and details you’re certain you didn’t share with him? You probably thought you were overthinking it. However, it’s not a coincidence if it has happened multiple times. He may be reading your private conversations or tracking your location.

5. Requests to share your private messages

Transparency is important in relationships, but only when both parties are in agreement about their boundaries. Treat it as a red flag if you and your boyfriend don’t have an open phone policy and he starts requesting to read your private messages. It could be the piece of the puzzle he’s missing if he’s monitoring you. Be on high alert, as he can start tracking your phone remotely if you refuse to share your private messages.

6. Your phone starts working slowly

Besides behavioral clues, there are more ways to figure out if your partner is snooping around your phone. One of the most common giveaways is when your phone suddenly starts working slowly or slag. This could be happening because the spyware he installed to monitor you is using up a lot of resources.

7. Decreasing device battery life

You generally know how long your battery lasts after you’ve charged it fully. So, when your battery life starts decreasing significantly, it’s often because something is using it up in the background. Spyware is constantly monitoring your activity and collecting your data. If your male friend is using it to keep an eye on you, it would explain why your battery gets drained so quickly.

8. High data usage

Not only does spyware constantly collect data about your phone activity, but it also sends that information to your spy, sometimes in real time. Imagine how much mobile data it consumes on your phone! So, if your mobile data is depleting at an alarming rate, chances are your other half is secretly monitoring you with spyware.

9. Unusual emails or text messages

Beware if you receive random or suspicious text messages with links from unknown numbers. Your boyfriend can send you these to get access to your phone through a spying app. Clicking on the link allows the app to start monitoring your phone remotely.

10. Your device has programs you don't know

Like many smartphone owners, you’re probably guilty of only using a fraction of the apps installed on your phone. However, you know which apps you downloaded and can immediately tell when an app doesn’t belong on your phone. Some spying apps remain undetected on the target phone, while others are detectable. If your partner doesn’t know what he’s doing, he can mistakenly install a spying app with a noticeable app icon on your phone. We advise you to immediately clear any apps you can’t account for on your devices.

How to prevent your boyfriend from spying on you

Talk to your boyfriend about your personal boundaries. Maybe his previous partner was okay with the lack of boundaries, so he didn’t think you’d mind. Ensure your phone is always current and your password is secure to avoid him figuring it out. Finally, restart your phone or device.


Follow the guide below to limit the chances of your boyfriend spying on you.

1. Talk to your boyfriend about your personal boundaries and your relationship

You’ve probably heard countless times that communication is the key to a successful relationship. Well, it’s true. If you’re sure your boyfriend is monitoring you and you’re (rightfully) uncomfortable with it, let him know. The trick is to communicate your feelings and needs openly, honestly, and respectfully.

2. Make sure your phone is always current

One of the effective ways to keep spying threats out of your phone is by keeping it updated. Ensure you update iOS regularly to keep it secure and close any security loopholes.

3. Your device password is secure

If you spend a lot of time with your partner, you’ve likely unlocked your phone in his presence. If he knows your passcode, he can use it to go through your phone or install spying software like parental control apps. Change your phone’s passcode, and never unlock your phone while he’s looking.

4. Restart the device you are using

Many spying apps rely on the target phone staying on for an extended period of time. Even if you’re unsure if your phone has been breached, consider restarting it to help secure it again. After powering it back on, check for unknown apps and monitor its performance.


Relationships are supposed to be fun-loving. Your boyfriend should be your partner and protector, and he’s supposed to make you feel comfortable. Be careful if he starts exhibiting controlling behavior, like demanding access to your phone, questioning you excessively, and making bizarre accusations. If it hasn’t already, his behavior can escalate to spying on your digital conversations.


Use the tips in our article to know if your boyfriend is spying on you. Try Clario Anti Spy’s Spyware scan to confirm or rule out spying. It will perform a deep scan of your phone to pick up any spying threats that may be hidden in it. From there, you can follow the instructions on the screen to remove any threats it finds and secure your phone again for your peace of mind.

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