) Spouse Is Spying on My Phone: How to Tell & Stop It?

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Spouse Is Spying on My Phone

Is your spouse spying on your phone? With all your sensitive information in one place, it’s easy for your spouse to track your habits, location, and more through your devices. Below, we’ll explain how your spouse can spy on your phone and what steps you can take to stop it. Don’t forget that Clario Anti Spy is one of the best ways to secure your device from trackers and spyware.

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Can your spouse spy on you?

Yes. Your spouse can spy on you in several ways, but doing so raises ethical concerns and violates your personal privacy. If you’re concerned that your spouse is spying on you, read on to find out why they might be spying and how you can secure your device.

Why would your spouse spy on you?

There are many reasons why your spouse might want to spy on you, including:

  • They think you’re cheating. Your spouse might worry that you’re cheating on you. To find out, they spy on your phone and try to gather evidence in preparation for filing a divorce or annulment.
  • They want to know if you’re telling the truth. Your spouse might want to learn more about a sensitive topic, like whether or not you gave up a bad habit like drinking or gambling. Likewise, they might want to investigate your spending habits or find out something else that you aren’t willing to discuss with them.
  • They are insecure. By reading through your conversations, your spouse can find out more about you and try to make sure you aren’t messaging other people. They may also want to find information they can use to be a better partner, though it’s the wrong way to go about it.
  • They are controlling. If your partner wants to control your behavior, they might do so by spying on your phone. They will look for things they can use against you to control you more in the future.

How your spouse can spy on your phone

Your spouse can track your phone without you knowing. But to secure your phone against spying, you need to know how your spouse can spy on you. Here are the most common spying methods:

1. Tracking apps

Tracking apps, including parental control apps, are among the most common methods people use to spy on their spouses. These apps can log your activities, track your GPS location, and even pry into your personal conversations, recording both messaging apps and phone calls.


All your spouse needs to do is secretly install the tracking app on your device, then grant themselves permission to monitor your phone from an admin account.

2. Spyware

While tracking apps and spyware are often used interchangeably, they are different. Tracking apps are legitimate apps commercially available on the Google Play Store or App Store. Spyware, on the other hand, is a type of malware.


Spyware can instead be obtained or bought on torrenting sites, the dark web, or other back alleys of the internet. Because spyware is not downloaded via an official app store, it is most often deployed onto a spouse’s phone via a malicious file, website, or install package.


Once installed, your spouse will have access to everything you do on your phone through keylogging, location tracking, and more.


If you think your partner might be spying on you, you can scan your phone for spyware with Clario Anti Spy and remove it immediately. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download Clario AntiSpy and create an account.  
  2. Tap Spyware scan and select Run deep scan. Clario Anti Spy will find any hidden spyware on your device and help you remove it.
Use Clario AntiSpy’s Spyware scan to tell if your spouse is spying on your phone. Download the app and create an account. Select Spyware scan > Run deep scan to check for spying threats.

3. Google Maps or Apple's “Find My iPhone”

Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature helps users find lost or stolen phones. However, your spouse can also use it for spying. If your spouse gains access to your iCloud account or grants themselves access through a family sharing group, they can easily see where your phone is.


By using the “Find My iPhone” feature, they can track your last known location—even if your phone is offline.


Your spouse can use the location-sharing feature on Google Maps in a similar way. This feature shares your location on a one-time basis, like showing your friend where to meet up. However, your partner might activate it as a way to keep tabs on your whereabouts.

4. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular mobile web browsers, and your spouse can repurpose it for spying. By default, Chrome tracks a large amount of your data, including how you’re using the internet.


This includes all the searches you’ve made, the sites you’ve visited, and even how much time you’ve spent on a particular website. If your spouse gets access to your Chrome history, they’ll be able to see all of these details and more.


An easy way to prevent your spouse from snooping on your web activity is to delete the browser data from Google Chrome. You might want to take similar measures for other mobile browsers you use.

5. iCloud/Google account data

Google tracks a huge amount of your information through apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. This data is easily accessible in your Google account. If your spouse gains access to your account, they’ll be able to see everything from online purchases to location history.


The same goes for iCloud. iCloud stores and syncs all of your data across the Apple ecosystem, including Apple Mail, Photos, and Calendar. Your spouse can access this sensitive information through your device or by signing in to your iCloud account.

6. WhatsApp linked devices

WhatsApp’s linked devices feature lets you access your account and data on multiple devices. While this feature is convenient, your spouse can also exploit it to spy on you.


If you leave your phone unattended, your spouse might pair your phone with another device. Once linked, they can read your messages and view your contacts from another device without needing access to your phone.


You might also be wondering, can WhatsApp be hacked? The answer is yes—unfortunately, there’s more than one person who might use WhatsApp to spy on you.

How to tell if your spouse is spying on your phone

Here are some red flags that could help you tell if your spouse is spying on your phone:

1. Your phone is sluggish

If your phone suddenly starts running slow or freezing a lot, it’s a sign that spyware or tracking apps are running in the background. Because these apps use so much of your phone’s processing power, everything else can slow down as a result.


Your phone may also be slow because of features like Apple’s “Find My iPhone.” If you notice that web pages are taking ages to load or the internet is slow in general, it may be a sign that your spouse is tracking you via the internet.


Check if your partner or ex is tracking your phone immediately to prevent anyone from accessing your personal information.

2. Poor battery life

If you notice a sudden drop in battery life, it’s a sign that spyware has infected your phone. Energy-intensive tracking apps and spyware can cause your battery to drain far quicker because they’re constantly running in the background.


If your battery life has degraded significantly, it might be because someone is spying on your phone.

3. High data usage

If you’ve been using your phone as usual and notice a spike in mobile data usage, it could be evidence of spying. Spyware and tracking apps use a lot of internet bandwidth to send your personal information to the spies’ computers, which can cause an increase in downloads.


You can check your data usage on both Android and iOS and scan apps for suspicious activities.


To check your data usage on Android:

  1. Open the Settings app and select Connections.
  2. Choose Data usage > Mobile data usage. Scan the list for apps using a suspicious amount of data.
Screenshots of a Samsung phone showing how to see the mobile data usage of apps as a way to tell whether your spouse is spying on your phone.
Steps 1-2: Select Settings > Connections > Data usage > Mobile data usage and scan your apps.

To check your data usage on an iOS device:

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile Data or Cellular.
  2. Scroll down to find out which apps are using the most cellular data.
Screenshots of an iPhone phone showing how to see the mobile data usage of apps as a way to tell whether your spouse is spying on your phone.
Step 1-2: Go to Settings > Mobile Data or Cellular.

4. Unexplained activity when the device is on standby

Unexplainably, activity on your device is a suspicious sign. If you notice anything like apps randomly opening, ads showing up where they shouldn’t be, or text appearing on your device without your input, it’s a sign that someone has hacked your phone.


This type of activity could indicate that your spouse has installed powerful spyware that they can use to remotely access your device. With this feature, they can manually unlock your smartphone from their own device and try to find out what you’ve been doing.

5. Device overheating when not in use

If your smartphone gets hot for no reason, like when it’s on standby, it’s a sign that your spouse is spying on your phone. As we’ve mentioned, spyware and tracking apps run in the background and use a lot of processing power, causing your phone to heat up.


One of the most common reasons for spyware to cause your smartphone to overheat is that your phone camera is in use. Your phone camera uses tons of power and can quickly heat up your device. Learn how to check if someone is watching you through your phone camera and how to protect yourself.

6. You notice some changes in your spouse’s behavior

Sudden behavior changes can indicate that your spouse has something to hide. They may have found something out about you that is causing them to behave differently. Alternatively, they might feel guilty about spying on you and try to make it up for you.


If you notice a sudden behavior change, keep your eye out for other signs that your spouse may be spying on you. Keep in mind that it might be nothing—so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.

7. Your spouse knows things they shouldn’t

If your spouse has information about your activities or location that you never told them, it’s a surefire sign that they’re spying on you. This means that they’ve either followed you, found out the information from someone else, or they’re spying on your phone.

How to stop your spouse from spying on your cell phone

Does your wife spy on your phone? There are many ways for your spouse to spy on your mobile device, so it’s important to use the latest cybersecurity practices to keep yourself safe. Following these best practices will ensure that no one, including your spouse, can spy on your cell phone.

1. Protect your phone and digital devices

The first step to stop your spouse from spying on your phone is to secure your devices and online accounts. Then, you can focus on how to stop tracking your phone. Here’s what to do:

1.1 Don't use the same accounts as your spouse

Many people share accounts with their spouses. While this might seem affectionate, it can also be a huge invasion of privacy. By sharing an account with your spouse, they can easily track everything you do on your device.


Further, if you share sensitive accounts with your spouse (like a Google or social media account), they may have access to other, non-shared accounts. This is because they know your credentials and could use them to try to sign in on other platforms.


To avoid this, create new accounts under your name and transfer your data so your spouse can’t access it. We recommend creating a backup for accounts like Google Drive to avoid losing important files during the transfer.

1.2 Use a strong passcode for your device

The best way to keep your spouse from hacking and spying on your phone is to use strong, unique passwords. Make sure your passwords are at least 12 characters long and include symbols and numbers. Do not use your passwords more than once—each account should have its own unique passphrase.


You should also avoid using personal information like birthdays in your passwords. This information is generally easy to guess, and someone like your spouse could easily gain access to your accounts.

1.3 Delete any apps you don't recognize

You should regularly review the list of installed apps on your phone. If there are any apps you don’t recognize, you should delete them immediately. Some tracking apps may have clear names (like Parental Control), but they will often be hidden under obscure names.


To avoid being tricked, you should delete any apps you don’t recognize. A good trick to remove spyware from Android or iOS devices is to check which apps are using the most mobile data or battery life. These are most likely to be the suspicious apps that your spouse is using to spy on you.

1.4 Always keep your phone updated

New updates for your phone’s operating system or apps often include security patches. These patches address vulnerabilities in your device that hackers and spyware use to gain entry.


Whenever your phone or apps have a new update, make sure to download and install it immediately. Keeping your phone up-to-date ensures that it has the latest protection against cybersecurity threats.

1.5 Reboot your device regularly

Rebooting a smartphone ensures that any software or operating system updates are in working order. Furthermore, Google and Apple have strict cybersecurity standards that are making it increasingly harder to deliver malware, including spyware. Many hackers are delivering these payloads via “in-memory payloads,” which get wiped out when you reboot your device.

1.6 Stop your spouse from tracking your location

If your spouse or anyone else is tracking your real-time location, they can easily work out who you’re with and what you’re doing. They can also determine your daily routines, leading to further invasions of privacy and stalking.


A virtual private network (VPN) can help by changing the location of your IP address. That way, even if your spouse has installed spyware, they’ll only be able to see a fake location. You should also learn how to check if your phone is tracked, so you can act as quickly as possible to protect yourself.


Clario Anti Spy also has a Virtual location feature that can hide your true location from your spouse and spyware.


Here’s how to use Clario Anti Spy’s Virtual location feature:

  1. Download Clario Anti Spy and create an account.
  2. Select Virtual location, then follow the instructions to connect your phone to your computer.
  3. Open the desktop version of Clario Anti Spy, select Virtual location, and set your phone to Developer mode.
  4. Choose a location anywhere in the world.
Screenshots of an iPhone screen showing a Clario Anti Spy dashboard. Instruction on how to use the Virtual location feature to make your phone impossible to track.

2. Discuss this with your spouse

If you’re seriously worried that your spouse is spying on you, it's a good idea to talk to them before taking further action. Discussing the problem may help you address underlying issues in your relationship, but it can be challenging.


By talking to your spouse about their potential spying, you can:

  • Clear any misunderstandings and clarify whether or not they are spying on you
  • Confront trust issues and try to rebuild trust in the relationship
  • Set respectful boundaries for each other
  • Seek counseling and support to address deeper problems in the relationship

It’s important to approach these discussions calmly and without serious accusations, focusing on feelings rather than blame. However, if you’re worried about your safety or if the conversation doesn’t lead to a solution, you may need to seek help from a professional counselor or legal advisor.

3. Consult a lawyer

If you’re certain that your spouse is spying on you and they aren’t open to discussion, you might want to consult a legal representative. A lawyer can help you understand your privacy rights and will work out whether your spouse has broken any laws in spying on you.


They can also help you:

  • Legally collect evidence against your spouse for further action in court
  • Put protective measures in place like restraining orders
  • Advise on possible legal actions like filing a lawsuit or seeking damages
  • Manage potential divorce proceedings

While it’s a measure you want to save as a last resort, getting legal advice can be the safest way to proceed if your spouse is spying on your phone. This is especially true if you have concerns about your safety, such as if your spouse has shown aggressive behavior or is beginning to follow you around.


Navigating suspicions that your spouse is spying on your phone can be tough. Unfortunately, it’s easier than ever for people close to you to spy on your devices. To stay safe, you need to protect your digital privacy.


For a deeper layer of protection, consider using Clario Anti Spy to safeguard your device and block spyware, trackers, and more in their footsteps.

FAQ about spouse spying

1. Is spousal spying illegal?

Spousal spying is illegal in many places, especially if it involves invasion of privacy, unauthorized access to your device, or harassment. This also means that installing spyware on your spouse’s phone without consent is generally illegal.


But, because laws are different based on where you live and the specific actions that your spouse has taken, it’s crucial to consult a lawyer. They will provide guidance on whether or not your spouse has taken illegal actions and what measures you can take to protect your privacy.

2. Can my husband track my phone without me knowing?

Yes, your husband or wife can track your phone with covert tracking apps and spyware or even by simply logging in to your sensitive accounts. Is your husband spying on your phone? Use Clario Anti Spy to find out.

3. Can my spouse see what I do on my phone?

If your spouse gains access to your device, they may be able to see what you do. For example, they might discover your browsing history, messages, phone calls, or commonly used apps. They can also see what you do on your phone if they’ve installed spyware or tracking apps on your device.

4. How do I keep my spouse from hacking and spying on my phone?

To keep your spouse from hacking your phone and spying on your activities, you need to use the cybersecurity practices explained above. For example, you should create separate accounts and use strong passwords, delete suspicious apps from your device, and keep an eye out for signs that spyware has infected your phone.

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