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Can Someone Spy on Your WhatsApp

Despite the app’s end-to-end encryption, it’s still possible for stalkers to monitor your WhatsApp messages without you knowing. Usually, they’ll do this by hacking into your account or installing spyware on your device. Below, we’ll explain exactly how a hacker can spy on your WhatsApp account and what to do about it if you find out your WhatsApp is being monitored. In the meantime, install Clario to protect yourself from spyware.

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How can someone spy on your WhatsApp?

Even though WhatsApp is often considered one of the most secure messaging apps, hackers can still get access to your WhatsApp messages—they just have to infiltrate your phone with spyware or hack into your account.


Here are four ways that someone can spy on WhatsApp messages:

  • Spy apps. Spyware can easily be installed on your phone if you click on a dangerous link, use a fake QR code, or open a website that’s been infected with malware. Even worse, your spouse, partner, friends, and family can easily install parental control apps (like mSpy) to track your activity. This spyware can then monitor your conversations, log your passwords, and more.
  • Malware and viruses. Like spyware apps, malicious software can be downloaded to your phone if you don’t follow safe browsing habits. This software can act like a backdoor, giving the hacker access to everything you do on your phone.
  • Stolen login details. If a hacker finds your WhatsApp username and password, they’ll be able to log in and view your messages, pictures, and videos. This is especially easy if the stalker is someone close to you, like your partner or friends. For this reason, it’s vital that you use unique passwords for all of your accounts—because if your password is leaked, someone will be able to use it to get into your other online and financial accounts.
  • Accessing your device. If you leave your WhatsApp open on your PC or phone and don’t use adequate security measures, you’re making it easy for people to access your conversations.

It’s scary to think that a spy has access to your WhatsApp account. So, how can you tell if your WhatsApp messages are being spied on without your knowledge?

Are your WhatsApp messages being monitored?

If you’re concerned that your WhatsApp messages are being monitored without your consent, you should make sure as quickly as possible. The same thing goes if you’re wondering, “Can someone listen to your phone calls?


Here are some red flags to keep your eye out for:

  • WhatsApp Web shows recent activity that wasn’t you. If your WhatsApp Web account shows that there are other active open sessions or shows activity that wasn’t you, it’s a sign that someone has access to your account. For example, you might find that someone is reading your WhatsApp messages from another device.
  • WhatsApp stops working randomly. If someone has installed spyware on your phone or has access to your account, your WhatsApp app might stop working properly. For example, your app might freeze a lot or log you out at random moments.
  • Your phone slows down. If your phone suddenly gets a lot slower, heats up quicker, or uses up the battery much faster, it’s a sign that your WhatsApp is tracked. Often, malicious apps like spyware use up a lot of your phone’s processing power, causing all of these negative effects to occur.
  • New contact information has been added. The hacker might try to change your contact information or login details, so it’s a good idea to check your WhatsApp account for any unsuspected changes.

If you notice any of these things happening to you, you’re probably being spied on. Below, we’ll cover what to do to prevent someone from spying on you and keep yourself safe while using WhatsApp.

Why is someone spying on your WhatsApp?

There are many reasons that someone might spy on your WhatsApp account, including:

  • To steal personal data. Scammers use hacking and phishing tactics to steal personally identifiable information (PII) so that they can impersonate you. After stealing your identity, they can access your online and financial accounts, and even take out government benefits in your name.
  • To spy on you. If you have a jealous or suspicious partner or over-controlling parents, they may wish to spy on you in order to make sure you aren’t having an affair or doing anything against their wishes. Further, your ex might stalk you on WhatsApp to keep tabs on you.
  • To access business-related information. If you use WhatsApp to conduct business conversations, competitors may try to steal valuable information by spying on you. Likewise, bad employers may try to spy on your WhatsApp conversations to make sure you’re following protocol and working when you say you are.

Is someone spying on your WhatsApp? Do this!

If you find out that your WhatsApp chats are tracked, you need to act immediately before more damage is done.


Here’s what you should do:

  • Sign out of all WhatsApp sessions. If your WhatsApp account has been hacked, the first thing to do is sign out of all sessions and lock the hacker out of your account.

To sign out on your iPhone, go to WhatsApp Settings > Linked Devices. Choose a device and tap Log Out.

On your iPhone, navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Linked Devices and tap Log Out.

On an Android phone, tap the three vertical dots and select Linked Devices. Choose a device and tap Log Out.

Select the three vertical dots, then select Linked Devices.
  • Update your passwords immediately. Next, you need to change all of your passwords—not just WhatsApp’s. Each password should be unique, at least 12 characters long, and use a series of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA and multi-factor authentication (MFA) acts as a second layer of defense to protect your accounts. With 2FA enabled, your account remains safe – even if the hacker gets access to your account details and password.

To activate 2FA, click Settings > Account > Two-step verification and follow the instructions.

Select Account > Two-step verification to implement 2FA on your WhatsApp account.
  • Use an antivirus app to scan your device. If your WhatsApp has been hacked, it’s probably because a hacker infected your device with spyware. Use a powerful antivirus solution like Clario to scan and remove any spyware on your device.
  • Install a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN adds another layer of security between you and whoever’s spying on you. When you use a VPN, it’s much harder for hackers and cyberstalkers to access your WhatsApp messages.
  • Turn off your GPS location. WhatsApp Live Location shares your GPS coordinates with your friends and family. If you’re concerned that someone is spying on your location, you should turn off location services on your GPS. Once you’ve resolved the problem, you can enable GPS once again.

How to prevent stalkers from spying on my WhatsApp

Once you’ve secured your WhatsApp account, it’s time to make sure that the stalker can never regain access. Here are some cyber hygiene tips to stay safe online and ensure that no hackers can ever spy on you again:

  • Practice safe browsing habits. With cyberattacks, data breaches, and malware more common than ever, being safe online is paramount. Remember to never click on unsolicited messages and only load websites that have the padlock symbol in the address bar or start with “https”—these are usually secure.
  • Learn the signs of a phishing attack. Scammers will often pretend to be trusted companies or individuals in order to steal your personal information or login details. By learning what phishing attacks look like, you’ll prevent yourself from falling victim.
  • Never click links in WhatsApp messages or emails. Links in unsolicited WhatsApp messages or emails are often part of a phishing or malware attack. If you click them, you’ll be taken to a malicious website that’s either designed to steal your password or install malware on your device.
  • Keep your device and apps updated. Updates often contain vital security patches that protect your device against the most recent viruses and malware. By updating your devices, web browsers, and apps, you make sure that you have the best protection you can against these attacks.
  • Periodically check your phone for spyware. An antivirus solution can help periodically scan your device for spyware infections so that you’re never caught off guard. An app like Clario will also scan any files you download and prevent you from accessing known malicious websites.
  • Use a digital security solution like Clario AntiSpy. Clario is an all-in-one anti-spying app that helps prevent site trackers and spying apps from following your movements online. Aside from its powerful antivirus and anti-spyware features, Clario also provides 24/7 data breach monitoring, web protection from malicious links, and ad blocking.


Despite WhatsApp using end-to-end encryption, it’s still possible that your WhatsApp is being spied on. However, by practicing good digital hygiene and using powerful security measures on your devices, you can keep yourself safe from prying eyes.

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