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My Ex Stalks My Instagram

Breaking up is hard enough — but social media makes it harder. Even if you want to move on, your ex can follow your every move on Instagram or other social media platforms. This can be annoying or downright creepy. But why do they do it? Learn the signs of an ex stalking you on Instagram and their possible reasoning — then protect your personal data with Clario’s VPN.

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How to know if your ex is stalking you on Instagram?

Here’re the signs your ex stalks you on Instagram:  

  • They view your stories. If your ex viewes all your Instagram stories and is always one of the first to view them, they may be actively seeking out all your Instagram activity.
  • They often “like” or comment. If you receive frequent “likes” or comments from your ex, they may be keeping close tabs on your profile.
  • They mirror your follows. If you notice your ex is suddenly following the profiles you follow or interact with, it could be a sign that they want to know what your life is like at the moment.
  • Their DMs are specific. If your ex is sending you direct messages (DMs) referencing things you posted or liked recently, they may be spending a lot of time looking at your profile and activity.

Though these can be telltale signs that your ex is stalking you on Instagram, it’s not definitive. The social media platform offers a degree of anonymity and privacy, which prevents you from knowing who’s looking at your profile. But whether it’s stalking or not, if their actions make you uncomfortable, you don’t have to accept it. Read on to learn what you can do.  

What does it mean when your ex is stalking your Instagram?  

There are many reasons why your ex may be stalking your Instagram. But it’s also possible that they aren’t stalking you at all: it could just be harmless curiosity. Regardless, if your ex checks your Instagram constantly and it makes you uncomfortable, you should take action. Here’s how:  

How can you stop someone from stalking your Instagram?  

Whether it’s from an ex or someone else, stalking is unacceptable. If you are being stalked on Instagram, you can take steps to restrict your profile or outright block people from viewing your profile and posts.  


Here’s how you can stop stalkers on Instagram:  

  • Set your account to private. If you have a public Instagram profile, anyone can view it. Setting your account to private ensures that only your approved followers can see your content.
  • Block them. This feature enables you to prevent the blocked person from seeing your profile, posts, or stories. They also can’t DM you.
  • Report them. Instagram takes harassment, bullying, and stalking accusations seriously. Report your stalker's profile to Instagram and they may take action to stop their behavior or suspend their account.

Unfortunately, stalking doesn’t just end with snooping around on Instagram. A motivated stalker may try to steal your account passwords and other private data in order to carry out more malicious attacks. Learn how to secure your Instagram account to keep stalkers and other prying eyes out.  


Clario’s ID theft protection tools can monitor your email address for data breaches 24/7. We’ll instantly alert you of password, credit card, phone number, or social security number leaks.  


Here’s how to use the Clario Data breach monitor:  

  1. Download Clario and get a subscription to set up an account
  2. On the dashboard, go to Identity  
  3. Click Add email, in the Data breach monitor tool
  4. Add your email address and confirm.
  5. If Clario has detected data breaches, immediately follow the on-screen instructions to secure your private information.
  6. Relax — your data is now safe!

Signs your ex is trying to get your attention on Instagram  

It’s not always easy to determine the motivations of people — especially an ex. If they are showing excessive attention to your Instagram activity, it could be a ploy to reach out to you.  


Here are the signs your ex is trying to get your attention on Instagram:  

Let’s take a closer look at these signs:  

They “like” or comment on your photos  

If they “like” or comment on your posts, your ex may just genuinely like your content. Or it could mean that they conspicuously want to get your attention.  

They unfollow you and then follow you again

Unless you’re famous or a big-time influencer, you’ll probably take notice when alerted of a new follower. If your ex unfollows you just to follow you again, it may be a sign that they want you to notice them.  

They accidentally “like” one of your old posts

If your ex accidentally “likes” a post from way down on your profile page, it could mean they’re spending a lot of time scrolling through your profile.  

They find and add you on every platform  

An ex that systematically finds and adds you on every social media platform could be actively trying to seek you out. This behavior is not discreet and spells out a want for attention — and maybe control.  

They are always viewing your stories  

Unlike posts, Instagram informs you of who is looking at your stories. If your ex views your Instagram stories frequently, it could be a ploy to get you to notice their activity.  


The signs your ex is stalking you on Instagram can be difficult to determine. The actual meaning of stalking on Instagram can vary. If your ex was always curious and engaged on social media, some of the  behavior above might be normal for them. Stalking is a serious accusation, so proceed with caution before pointing fingers. But if you’re creeped out, do something about it.  

Why does your ex watch your Instagram?

There’s no clear cut explanation for why your ex watches your Instagram. All relationships are different. And just like the reason for your breakup, your ex’s reasons for checking your Instagram are entirely unique to them. But generally, there are some common motivations for why an ex may watch or stalk your Instagram account.  


Here’s why your ex watches your Instagram:  

They want to see if you are happy without them

Depending on your posting habits, Instagram and other social media can give your ex a good picture of where you are in life post-breakup. Even if your ex is not trying to get back with you, they may still be concerned about your happiness. Or they could be jealous.  

They miss you and want to show you that they are still interested in you

People don’t always have mutual feelings about a breakup. Often, one party is more hurt than the other. If your ex came out on the wrong end of your breakup, they may still have feelings for you. Following your social media activity may just be a way for them to reach out and rekindle the spark.  

They are just curious

Blame it on our voyeuristic natures as human beings! Perhaps your ex wants to know if you got a new partner, started a new hobby, went on holiday, etc. It’s common for people to look up old school mates, family members, the partners of their friends — why wouldn’t the same apply to an ex?  

They accidentally do it

A breakup is rarely a totally clean break — especially if you and your ex have mutual friends. If there is overlap in your social circles, you can expect that the two of you will rub shoulders from time to time — even on Instagram. If your posts involve your mutual friends, that could be the reason why your ex is viewing them so frequently.  

They are bored

Maybe your ex broke up with you but stalks your Instagram. What’s their motivation? Many of us can confess to looking up people from our past on social media. Your ex might just be bored and looking for something to do — with no emotional feelings attached to their actions.  

They want to keep a friendly relationship with you

Sometimes an ex wants to remain friends. Perhaps the relationship wasn’t all bad or maybe you have mutual friends. Your ex could simply want to keep you close, without any romantic underpinnings. Liking your posts or viewing your stories could just be a harmless way to keep things friendly between the two of you.  


Safe practices on Instagram are crucial for securing your online identity. Stalking can quickly escalate into other invasive acts, like tracking your activity and hacking your profile. If you suspect you've fallen victim, learn how to know if someone hacked your Instagram account.  


Regardless of who's doing it, stalking should not be tolerated. It violates your privacy and could escalate to other crimes. Though Instagram’s policies help you report and block potential stalkers, the harassment might continue off the platform. Clario’s ID theft protection features will re-secure your accounts to prevent hacking and identity theft — whether it’s a “crime of passion” or not.  


Let Clario help you keep your ex in check, so you can finally move on with your life.

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