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Clario Creates Security Solution with the Help of Ethical Hackers

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Today we’re announcing the launch of the public bug bounty program on the world's most trusted hacker-powered platform HackerOne. We’re doing this to ensure your digital life is protected from the newest threats with Clario.

What does it mean?

Since today 800,000+ ethical hackers from over the world will test Clario multiplatform solution and web services for potential vulnerabilities and disclose it to us.  

How does it work?

In simple words, we pay hackers for hacking Clario and notifying us on how they did it.


To ensure that everything is safe for our consumers we partner with the most trusted platform in the world - HackerOne. Armed with the most robust database of the vulnerability trends and industry benchmarks, the hacker community mitigates cyber risk by searching, finding, and safely reporting real-world security weaknesses for companies across all industries and attack surfaces. It will help us to detect the new types of attacks and vulnerabilities before bad hackers try to hack you.


Each time we get the report from the HackerOne community we quickly check it and improve our protection against such types of attacks. And of course, we’re rewarding hackers for it.  

Should you worry about your device being hacked by ethical hackers?

Not at all! HackerOne community tests the separate Clario version we’re sending them, which has no access to your devices.  

At Clario, our main goal is to bring peace of mind to our consumers' digital security and privacy. With a unique fusion of powerful features and intuitive UI Clario users can be sure their digital lives are safe and - what’s important - understand exactly how it’s done.But it’s not enough. As an ethical business who feels the responsibility over our users' data safety, we’re constantly checking and improving our “security shield”. We have the robust security team comprising in-house specialists as well as an external team of white hackers. We’re inviting the members of the largest community of ethical hackers in the world to join us - let’s go together, and create the cybersecurity solution people deserve.

Aleksandr Maklakov, CIO for Clario

You can check Clario page and stats at HackerOne or send us the message if you want to know more about it.

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