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Clario Announces Limited Access Beta Tests for Mac

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Clario Announces Beta Tests for Mac

Today is a big day.


This is the day we’re making our unique product with integrated service available in an early access beta test for Mac. This is a key part of our progress in fully launching Clario for desktop and mobile later this year. It follows on from our earlier announcement at CES 2020.


This is a major milestone in our journey toward achieving our mission of securing people's digital lives and providing privacy for all. Despite the obstacles our world is facing, under challenging circumstances, we are managing to bring Clario a step closer to people. We firmly believe that now, more than ever, people need digital security and privacy as more of us go online.


During our limited access beta, we’ll get vital feedback early to improve our product and our unique seamlessly integrated 24/7 human assistance.


This release is focused on addressing the needs of Mac users covering six areas of their digital life. We’ll protect them from online identity theft, securing online transactions, keep browsing safe, make sure that both public and home networks are secure and keep devices and personal data free of online threats.


Through a combination of engaging, intuitive UX, we plan to serve notice to the security software space that people deserve better. So, if you want to get early access to Clario, contact us via hello@weareclario.com - and we’ll include you in the open beta waiting list.


We will launch an open beta at the end of May, with mobile and Mac desktop.


Stay home, stay safe, stay tuned!


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