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Staying Safe Together with Clario Tech Support

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Clario Offers Free Online Tech Support

Hi everyone! My name’s Alun, and I’m CEO of Clario.


In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, with more people connecting to the world digitally than ever before, we want to help in the best ways we can as a Company that aims to secure your digital life.


We want to help make connections between friends and loved ones as safe and secure as possible - to make staying in touch through technology as easy as we can for anyone feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, or isolated. So we’re making available free security and connectivity assistance through a 24/7 responsive service from our team of tech support agents.


Contact us about connectivity or security issues and one of our agents will personally help you. Initially, people can contact us through email for our service agents to get back to you within a 4-hour timeframe or through Clario’s Facebook (@weareclario). In time, we hope to progress to a helpline, depending on demand.


We’re providing this service ahead of the launch of our Clario Cyber Security Suite offering, in response to these unprecedented times. We’re actually currently in software testing in a closed beta phase. Clario is going to be a unique combination of personal consumer digital security and privacy software integrated with real human support whenever our subscribers need us. But, it’s pretty clear that people need help from each other now.


A great deal of our lives are spent digitally - that’s, even more, the case during this pandemic. And depressingly, even during this vulnerable time, scammers have sensed an opportunity to exploit a crisis by spreading misinformation and increasing fraud attempts on people. Therefore it's even more important we all take care and control of our digital connections and lives.


So, if you or a loved one need help to stay safe online or with any technical challenges, such as setting up video calls or home devices so you don’t seem quite so far away, our 600+ experts are here for you.


I’m especially proud that everyone at Clario has shown such willingness and agility in mobilizing and getting involved in this much-needed initiative.


We’re all behind you and ready to help out as much as we can. All you need to do is message us on Facebook or fill out a simple form on our website and we’ll contact you to help wherever you are.


Let’s stay safe together,
Your big Clario team


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