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Clario Launches on Product Hunt and Becomes Top 3 Product of the Day

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Clario on Product Hunt

Today is a big day. We’re so proud to launch Clario on Product Hunt! It’s a great milestone for us to be featured on a must-read Silicon Valley website. Product Hunt is the go-to place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek-out on the latest tech trends and creations, so we’re truly thrilled to be here.


We think Clario has arrived at just the right time - which must be the reason we became Top3 Product of the Day! And we think the support of such a strong tech community shows how powerful is the need to secure people's online lives.


As our world becomes increasingly digital, cybercrime is an out-of-control pandemic that targets regular internet users more and more. Its projected cost is expected to rise to a staggering $6 trillion by 2021.


Yet, traditional security software is still far too intimidating and overwhelming for regular users. It requires people to wade through jargon to even understand security risks and they’re still left in the dark by the products currently on the market.


We need to act


That’s why we created Clario - to give everyone the power to understand and control their digital security and privacy.


So, we’re really interested to find out what you think about Clario on Product Hunt where we’ll feature alongside some the most innovative products on the market.


We’re launching on Product Hunt to hear your ideas and feedback as we continue to refine our offering. Please click here to leave your comments and questions.They’re all hugely valuable to us.


See you out there, product hunters!

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