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Female Stalker

Only 12-13 percent of all stalkers are female, but that doesn’t mean they are less dangerous. Female stalkers tend to be women in their mid-30s, divorced or separated, with a psychiatric diagnosis. In this article, we’ll cover signs of female stalkers and how to protect yourself. If you feel that a woman is stalking you, follow this guide and consider utilizing Clario’s Antispy software to prevent cyberstalking.

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Female stalker behavior

Stalkers have distinct behavioral traits that are important to be aware of. Common characteristics of female stalkers include the following:

  • They typically have a psychiatric disorder—personality disorder, delusional disorder, morbid infatuation, etc.
  • They generally want to establish an intimate, romantic relationship with those they pursue.
  • They tend to focus on those with whom they've had professional contact—however, it is not unheard of for them to stalk an ex-partner.
  • They tend to favor harassment via phone rather than a physical pursuit.

Whether you have a stalking girlfriend or a stranger woman stalking you, make sure that you know how to identify a female stalker. Below you will find the traits of a female stalker.

Signs that a woman is stalking you

Stalking is generally defined as persistent attempts of contact by an unwanted subject over a lengthy period of time. That’s pretty vague and can vary a lot, but here are what those attempts of contact may look like.

Stealth in the workplace or neighborhood

You might see your stalker around your workplace or neighborhood. It may likely even be someone from your workplace or community.

Do you keep coincidentally bumping into the same person over and over at work, the grocery store, or the park?


Once or twice on the same day could be a coincidence. But if this woman is consistently running into you, you might consider whether or not she is stalking you.

She is watching you

Stalkers tend to watch. They keep their distance so that you won’t notice them. They may take photos and gather information on your routines, who you hang out with, and the places you visit frequently.

Constant phone calls

Constant phone calls from someone you only know casually—or don’t know at all—are a big red flag. Often, your stalker may not say anything at all. These can come in the form of long silences, hangups, and even concerning voicemails.

Imposes your help

A female stalker may ask you to help them carry their groceries, find a lost pet, or fix car troubles. Being a good samaritan is all fine and good, but be cautious of interactions like this with strangers, and never follow them to secluded or private places.

Manipulates you into communication

Stalkers will try to find any way to communicate with their victims, even if it’s counterproductive. Manipulation like this can take the form of a frivolous lawsuit against you or threatening self-harm if you refuse to talk to them.

Cyberstalking your social networks

One of the most common things that stalkers do is watch your social media channels. They’ll keep tabs on your Instagram and Facebook profiles because they want to know where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing at all times.


Be aware of women you don’t know very well interacting with you frequently on social media. You may receive unsolicited DMs, constant comments, or several likes on your posts from the same person.

Tries to isolate you from loved ones

Stalkers want you all to themselves. They’ll try to isolate you from friends and family so you feel like they are the only person you can go to. They may share information that damages a loved one's reputation in hopes that you’ll withdraw from that person. They do this in the hopes of being the person you’ll confide in and seek comfort from.

Too many undesirable contacts

Not all stalkers seem dangerous initially. But you might be alarmed when you look back at the frequent number of times this person has conveniently shown up, DM’d you, or tried to call you.

How to deal with women stalkers

Whether a woman is stalking a man, woman, or child, there are some cautionary measures that you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from her.

  • Tell her to stop and that she is making you uncomfortable (if the situation is mild enough to warrant doing so)
  • Block her on social media
  • Block her phone number
  • Talk to friends and family members about your situation
  • Avoid traveling alone
  • Keep records of any incidents that occur
  • Improve your home’s security system
  • Learn how to defend yourself in case of a physical assault
  • Seek help through therapy or talking to a counselor
  • Download AntiSpy software.

Clario Anti Spy software was created to help fight cyberstalking and create a safer digital world. Protect your calls, messages, location, contact list, photos, and more from unauthorized access. This solution is available for iOS and Android across mobile and desktop devices. Download Clario Anti Spy today.

How to stop a female stalker

Sometimes, cautionary measures aren’t enough and we need to take action to get rid of a female stalker. If you are concerned that you are dating a stalker, your ex is stalking you, or that you have a stalker in general, take action immediately:

  • Report her to school or workplace security
  • Reporting her to the police
  • Taking out a restraining order against her.


Finding out that you have a stalker is scary. Make sure you’re aware of the signs of a female stalker, and take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Clario Anti Spy can provide you with cyber protection to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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