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How to Block Ads on Spotify

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular online music services offering you access to a huge library of songs and podcasts to stream and enjoy.


With Spotify, you can create playlists, add songs to your own personal library, and discover new music the service carefully picks and recommends for you. Even better, you can access millions of songs without paying any fee through a free subscription. However, we already know free online content comes with the price of advertising, and Spotify is no exception. 


A free Spotify account features both visual and audio ads. While visual ads may not be too disturbing when you stream music, audio ads can really ruin your listening experience. The 30-second advertising clips interrupt your playlists and when you’re hosting a party or social gathering, it’s really not a good look.


So, is it possible to somehow block ads on Spotify? Well, that’s a tricky question. There are some workarounds, but each one has a “but”. 


Here they are.

Use a VPN while listening to Spotify

This will work across all devices - mobile, as well as desktop - but will not completely stop the ads. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help you select a server for a country where Spotify streams fewer ads or just select the country whose language you don’t know.


Pro tip: If you are looking for a VPN, try an app that provides additional value — like Clario. Apart from an easy-to-use unlimited VPN, it features an ad blocker, anti-tracker, and real-time malware protection. So it will save you effort installing different apps for different purposes.

  1. Download Clario
  2. Sign-up for a free 7-day trial
  3. Enjoy your worry-free browsing


Chances are, ads in Hungarian may be less noticeable so less annoying. Unfortunately, you can experience “side effects”: a slower connection or opening web pages in an unknown language when the VPN is on.

Use music converters

There are apps like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter allowing you to convert songs from Spotify, download them in a convenient format, and remove ads as a bonus. The bad news is you cannot just stream music ad-free, as you need to select the songs and convert them beforehand. In addition, good apps usually come at a price and may be incompatible with mobile devices.

Change the proxy settings on your Mac

This works similarly to using a VPN. You set up the proxy server of a country where Spotify hasn’t yet launched, then the service thinks you’re streaming from this location and doesn’t bother you with ads. Sounds good, but this method is complicated in many ways.


First, you need to know how to properly change your settings and it can be a time-consuming process. Second, these proxy servers can be unstable and you have to be very lucky to spot the functioning one on the first try. Third, while the proxy is on, you can experience connection issues: webpages can take too long to load, appear in a language you don’t know, or sometimes not open at all.

Why you cannot use an ad blocker for Spotify

There are two reasons. First, there are very few of these apps and they may not be available for your operating system. Second - and most important - the updated Terms and Conditions of the streaming service forbids it.


Since May 1, 2019, Spotify can ban your account if it finds out you are using an adblocker. This way, even if you find a way to block ads in Spotify, it’s a risky venture: one day you can get banned without any warning or preliminary notice from the service.

The best way to get rid of Spotify ads

The easiest, safest, and most effective way to block ads altogether is to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Apart from ad-free music, paying subscribers get a range of valuable features: access to Spotify across all your devices, the ability to download songs to listen offline, unlimited access to its huge music library, and even higher sound quality.


The paid subscription is a great way of removing ads and contributing to the wider Spotify community. Paying to access the music means you are supporting your favorite artists, especially in times when all live concerts are indefinitely canceled. Music streaming is now one of the main sources of income for many creators.


* * *


Summing up, Spotify does offer a quality free product. To support the level of service, it needs money and ads are the instrument to make it. We could use ad blockers to avoid paying and still have a smooth and pleasant user experience. But sometimes the wisest way to win the fight is not to fight at all, in other words - pay for the premium service to get rid of ads instead of messing with free workarounds.


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