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MacOS Spigot: How to Remove It from my Mac

As an online user, we all want our internet experience to be secure, smooth, and free from unwanted ads or data trackers — which is why macOS spigot can really be a fly in the ointment for many Mac users. You might think you are downloading something useful but the reality can be a little more painful. This is where Clario can help. Our security app can resolve this thorn in your side and allow you to live your best digital life.

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Are you sure you got macOS spigot?

macOS spigot is a form of adware that can infiltrate your device as a download bundle from certain, reputable-looking software sites. Some signs of a macOS spigot on your device include:

  • Unwanted ads or other forms of disruptive content including a browser extension
  • Being taken to other websites you didn’t intend visiting
  • Your browsing behavior is tracked and targeted with content

Know that

Users should run security software like Clario to see if anything malicious is detected before deleting anything from their device.

Despite how frustrating this can be, you should remember that macOS spigot is not a virus. Viruses often self-replicate and can infect different devices — perhaps via shared storage devices or through computer networks — and macOS spigot cannot do this.

How to remove spigot from my Mac manually

There are certain telltale signs that your device has an unwanted macOS spigot. You might suddenly be redirected to dodgy-looking websites you had no intention of visiting. Or you might be subjected to aggressive or misleading adverts. If you have been targeted, then you will likely experience a slow browsing experience.


If you have an antivirus software such as Clario, then you can use this to check your device. If a scan comes back with macos:spigot-ay [pup] or macos:spigot-ay, then this will confirm that adware is installed on your Mac. Alternatively, you could always get in contact with our online tech experts to help. 


It’s only when you’ve confirmed what is happening with your device that you should begin thinking about how to remove anything. Other similar afflictions include spyware on your mobile and hidden spy apps on your android device.

How to remove spigot from your mac

If you do detect macOS spigot, then you’ll need to think about the best ways to clean up your device which should involve removing this adware. You will have to do this for each browser you use — and each will need a slightly different approach. You’ll need to delete every version of spigot by going into each browser.

How to remove spigot from Chrome

  1. To remove spigot Chrome, go to Google Chrome, and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the frame
  2. Choose More Tools, then Extensions
  3. Perform separate searches for each extension including Searchme, Slick Savings, Amazon Shopping Assistant, and Ebay Shopping Assistant.
  4. If you find any of these extensions, then remove them. Then once you’ve removed, you can quit Google Chrome.

How to remove spigot from Safari

Spigot removal from Mac on Safari follows a similar process to the other browsers.

  1. Launch your Safari browser.
  2. Then click on the Safari menu bar and open Preferences.
  3. Once in Preferences, then you can open Extensions.
  4. Perform searches for different Spigot browser extensions including Searchme, Slick Savings, Amazon Shopping Assistant, or Ebay Shopping Assistant.
  5. If any are found, then click Uninstall.
  6. Repeat for each found extension. Then, when they have all been found and uninstalled, you can quit Safari.

How to remove spigot from Firefox

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Head to the three dots in the top right corner of the browser. Click on this.
  3. Head to Add-ons from the menu.
  4. Select Extensions from the different options.
  5. Perform searches for different Spigot browser extensions including Searchme, Slick Savings, Amazon Shopping Assistant, or Ebay Shopping Assistant.
  6. Once found, then click the three dots to the right of each extension. Then select remove.
  7. Repeat this action to remove each extension. Then once all have been removed, quit and restart Firefox.

How to get rid of spigot on your mac automatically

You can reduce the chances of inadvertently welcoming macOS spigot onto your device by being constantly vigilant when it comes to downloading software online. Always check the website you’re on - and if it doesn’t seem legit, then leave. Don’t just click Next — as there will always be consequences to your actions. If you’re attacked by spyware or adware such as macOS spigot, you can suffer from unwanted browser redirects, strange results input for Google searches, or annoying companies targeting your data.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the manual steps listed above, or just don’t want to think too much about staying safe when roaming around the internet, then there are tools out there to help keep you safe and secure. Our Clario app is one such tool that can go a long way to keeping you safe when online. Clario watches out for malware, data breaches, or Wi-Fi attacks 24/7. Clario's Web Protection — a new Safari extension for iOS — can also ensure you can spot any malicious links before you become the victim of a scammer's trap.


If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more. Stay safe out there!

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