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How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android

It’s all too easy to end up with spyware on your phone. Click a malicious link, or open a spam email, and your phone could be infected. But you don’t have to risk your privacy or security. Just use Spyware Detector to find and remove spyware from your phone. Try out Clario’s Spyware Detector and see how it can protect your phone.

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What are the signs of a spyware-infected Android device?

Around 24,000 malicious mobile apps are blocked every day, making spyware a huge problem and one that is growing. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to detect and delete malware from your phone.  


So, how do you know if your Android phone’s infected with a hidden spy app?  


Here are some signs of hidden spy apps to look out for:

  1. Odd phone behavior: Is your phone switching itself on or off, or have you found apps on your phone you don’t remember installing? Any unusual behavior could indicate your phone’s infected.
  2. Unexpected noises when on a call: If you hear beeps or other strange noises while you’re on a call, this could mean somebody’s recording you. However, this could simply be caused by poor reception.
  3. Increase in data usage: Spyware uses data to access and share the information it collects from your device. If you notice an unusual increase in your data usage, spyware on your phone could be the culprit.
  4. Unusual battery drain: Is your smartphone battery draining faster than usual? This could be indicative of spyware running in the background. Of course, it could also be an older or malfunctioning battery, or a new app that you’ve recently installed. However, taking precautions has never hurt anyone.
  5. Sounds when your phone’s not in use: Have you noticed your phone beeping or making noises when you’re not using it? This could indicate somebody’s spying on you, as your phone shouldn’t make any noises when it’s idle (other than notification sounds, of course).

Unfortunately, none of these are conclusive ways to determine if your phone is infected with spyware. The best way to check is to use a spyware detector to find hidden apps that may be spying on you.

How to prevent your Android phone from getting spyware

There are plenty of steps you can take to prevent your Android phone from becoming infected with spyware. Here are a few handy tips:

  • Never click links in emails, unless you absolutely trust the sender and know what you’re clicking on.
  • Only download apps from reputable sources such as the Google Play Store. Apps downloaded elsewhere could come bundled with spyware.
  • Always read app reviews before downloading an app, as if others have had issues with spyware, this will generally be reflected in the app’s reviews.
  • Download antivirus and antispyware app like Clario to protect your phone

Clario offers antispyware and antivirus protection with an initial scan plus an automatic scan whenever you download or open a new app, keeping your phone safe from viruses and spyware.

How to detect hidden spy apps on Android

If you’re wondering how to find hidden spy apps on Android, you can carry out a series of manual checks to do this yourself. Here’s what to look out for when searching for hidden spy apps on your phone:

Check your apps

Take a look through the apps on your phone (including in folders) to see if there are any you don’t remember downloading or don’t recognize. Most of us have folders filled with games or other apps we haven’t used in a while.

Watch out for location tracking

Google Maps location tracking

You’ll see a small teardrop symbol in your phone’s notification bar when an app is using your device location. If you see this appear when you’re not using apps allowed to access location data, this could indicate spyware is running and tracking your location.

Check your permissions

This can take a little time to do, but checking which apps can access your location, camera, or microphone can help determine if any hidden spy apps for Android are secretly tracking you. Here’s how to check:


1. Open Settings → Apps.  

Android phone Apps menu

2. Select App Permissions. On some phones, you may need to tap the three dots menu at the top right, then select Permission Manager.

Android phone Permission Manager

3. Select each permission to see which apps can access what.

Android phone manage app permissions

Keep an eye on Google Play Protect

Android’s built-in malware and virus scanner is turned on by default, so if you didn’t disable this but find it’s turned off, it could mean somebody has installed hidden spyware on your phone. Here’s how to check your Google Play Protect settings:


1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.


2. Select Menu. On some phones, you may need to tap your profile picture in the top right.


3. Choose Play Protect.

Google Play Store Play Protect

4. Tap the little Settings cog at the top right.

Google Play Store Play Protect settings

5. Ensure Scan apps with Play Protect is toggled on.

Google Play Store Scan apps with Play Protect

How to uninstall hidden spy phone apps

Using a dedicated spy app finder to detect and uninstall hidden spyware is often an easier and quicker solution compared to manually trawling through your phone for malicious apps. Clario Spyware Detector tool not only searches your phone for spyware, it also quickly removes it, ensuring you’re protected.


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