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10 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts To Follow in 2021

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The world of digital security is always rapidly evolving.


So to ensure you’re aware of the latest guidance on protecting your personal details online, it’s well worth staying updated by listening to the best information security podcasts.


Following the most recent updates on internet security might be tough if you’re not particularly into tech. But this doesn’t mean you should avoid taking any action to protect yourself online. And if you’re too busy to read books on security online or watch cybersecurity movies, why not listen to podcasts? They can be very helpful, regardless if you’re a novice internet user or an experienced IT enthusiast. Check out our list of the 2020’s top podcasts on cybersecurity and tech.

Note to Self

How can your kids build better relationships with tech? How will Silicon Valley control your eyeballs? Are selfies really ‘innocent’ fun or actually dangerous for your online security? How is your phone watching you?


These and other tech-related concerns are explored by Manoush Zomorodi in Note to Self. In this weekly cybersecurity podcast, the journalist talks about the ways tech may affect our lives and helps listeners “preserve their humanity in the digital age”. No boring and annoying tech jargon - only useful and entertaining information.


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Security Now!

If you want to know the ins and outs of cybersecurity, Security Now! won’t disappoint you. Hosted by tech experts Steve Gibson and Lea Laporte, this award-winning podcast unpacks vital personal security news, issues, and solutions.


Security Now! typically runs for two hours and usually consists of two parts: security news, then a focus homing in on a particular topic. There are also bi-weekly Mailbag episodes where audience questions are explored.


Security Now! is one of the best information security podcasts and a fave of our colleague Vadym Lysenko. He says “the variety of the covered topics and depth of analysis are pure gold”.


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The New York Times Podcasts

If tech-only podcasts seem a bit overwhelming, then check out some of the podcasts from the New York Times. Though their content is not infosec-oriented, they often offer unique perspectives on many tech issues, just as informative as the top tech podcasts.


For example, Rabbit Hole is totally worth your attention. Hosted by tech columnist Kevin Roose, this new podcast series tells the stories of those whose lives were destroyed by tech. Intrigued? You can find it on your Google or Apple Podcasts.


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Talking Tech

If you’re not comfortable with listening to lengthy podcasts, Talking Tech is at your service. In less than 5 minutes, host Jefferson Graham highlights the latest tech innovations and the ways they can impact our lives.


Though Talking Tech is not 100% about cybersecurity (more like tech in general), Jeff often unpacks the latest updates on how we need to be careful to avoid becoming vulnerable to cybercrime.


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Darknet Diaries

No, it’s not the title of another horror story - it’s a weekly cybersecurity podcast hosted by Jack Rhysider. In Darknet Diaries, Jack takes you on the journey through the darkest corners of the internet. Not literally, of course, but it’s still exciting.


In a digestible, storytelling format, these podcasts tell real-life stories about identity theft, data breaches, and privacy hacks. Jack’s compelling narrative descriptions of events are also combined with practical advice on cyberattack prevention.


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The Shared Security Podcast

Are you sure you’re immune to phishing scams or fraudulent emails? Check out this 3-minute interactive self-assessment by Shared Security to prove it.


Whatever the result, their weekly podcast is worth your attention. In an easy-to-follow and entertaining form, hosts Tom and Scott share breaking infosec news and cybersecurity tips with you.


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Hacking Humans

Hacking Humans is another free podcast delivering the latest security news and education. No panic or uncertainty with Hacking Humans - according to hosts Dave and Joe, every security problem has a solution. Using plain English, they look behind social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits.


What makes Hacking Humans stand out from other infosec podcasts is how listeners can share their own security issues and receive a solution.


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Security Simplified

Are you a business owner struggling to protect your digital assets from unscrupulous hackers? Look no further than Security Simplified.


It is a weekly podcast featuring leading security researchers and white-hat hackers - people who imitate cyberattacks to verify the security level of a system. No wonder, these guys know a thing or two about cybersecurity. While simplifying complex infosec concepts into easy-to-grasp actionable insights, Security Simplified brings real-time information about cyber threats to small and mid-sized business owners and, even more importantly, offers ways to avoid them.


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Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons

Have you given up on cybersecurity because there seems to be nothing you can do? Well, Carey Parker is a reassuring voice amid the complex darkness of tech terms and lurking hackers: 


“There is a lot of low-hanging fruit… You don’t have to outrun the bear; you have just to outrun your friend… Just being more secure than the other guy is often enough.”


But how can you outrun your friend? By reading his book Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons or listening to the weekly podcast named after it. In both, he covers cybersecurity essentials in a practical and accessible manner.


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Risky Business

If you prefer something with a history of offering great advice, Risky Business is for you. Established 13 years ago, it’s one of the most popular cybersecurity podcasts. Known for highlighting infosec topics in a light-hearted fashion, Risky Business covers disturbing cybersecurity news and useful insights from industry luminaries.


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Like crossing the street when the green light shows, cybersecurity is essential for our safety in the age of regular hacker attacks. But unlike basic pedestrian safety rules, cybersecurity isn’t taught in every school or explained in every family. Meanwhile, much of the available information is full of impenetrable tech jargon.


Luckily, there are lots of useful cybersecurity podcasts available for every level of digital literacy. Make no mistake - in our shortlist, you’ll find something to your liking!

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