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Apple iOS 17 App Sideloading: Why You Should Protect Your Data From Viruses and Malware

Apple’s App Store doesn’t offer all the apps you’re looking for. That’s why some iPhone users resort to bypassing their iPhone’s operating system to use third-party apps. But you might not have to do that anymore. Apple might allow you to sideload apps with iOS 17. However, using iOS 17 third-party apps is risky business because it exposes your phone to malware attacks. Clario prevents third parties from spying on you and stealing your data.

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Apple might start sideloading apps through iOS 17

For a long time, Apple has kept a tight lid on its operating system. To that end, the tech company is known for not allowing users to download third-party apps on their iPhones for security reasons.

Definition: Third-party apps

Third-party apps are apps that are obtained from a third-party app store instead of the device or manufacturer’s app store. For iPhone users, these are apps that are installed via any other app store aside from the App Store, typically after jailbreaking their iPhones.

But Apple has seemingly done an about-turn, as it is said to be working on an iOS 17 release that will allow the sideloading of apps. According to Bloomberg, Apple will announce the iOS 17 sideloading news during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023. This would make the iOS 17 sideload one of Apple’s biggest announcements alongside its mixed-reality headsets at the WWDC.


If the news is true, Apple’s iOS 17 sideloading of apps could be attributed to the European Union (EU)’s Digital Market Act (DMA), which is set to be implemented in 2024. The DMA is geared toward relaxing stringent practices by tech giants that don’t allow for fair competition. It will force tech companies like Apple to give users more options in their app stores and give developers more distribution options by allowing the sideloading of apps.  

Why you should protect your personal information

Many iPhone users (and app developers) may be thrilled to hear the news of Apple’s relaxation of its App Store rules. However, even though you wouldn’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to sideload apps, you can’t neglect the risk that comes with using iOS 17 3rd party apps.


Apple hasn’t issued a statement about sideloading apps on iOS 17. At the time of writing, this is an industry rumor from reputable reporters. However, without a statement from Apple, there’s no way of knowing the details of the iOS 17 sideloading news.

Whether you jailbreak your iPhone or not, the risk remains the same. iOS 17 third-party apps can carry malicious software that can be used to obtain and exploit your personal information. Some apps go as far as using your data after you use them if you gave them access. For this reason, no matter how much you trust the apps you download and install, you must use security software to protect your iPhone from viruses and malware.


Clario is a comprehensive anti-spy app that is packed with all the tools you need to protect your iPhone from hackers and bad actors. Its VPN, iOS hack check, and data breach monitor keep your phone free of viruses, which helps protect your personal information — even with new app installations. We know that many companies claim to be the real deal.


Are you ready to protect your iPhone and your data? It only takes a few, easy steps to install and use Clario’s anti-spy tools. Try our VPN, for instance. Here’s how:

  1. Download Clario on your iPhone and set up an account
  2. Toggle Browsing protection on
  3. Tap Turn on > Allow, and enter your phone’s password
  4. Clario will connect you to the best server, and that’s it!  

Protect your data, no matter what

No matter what phone you use or the apps you deem safe, there are certain practices you should never compromise on. Even when Apple starts sideloading apps, you must use a trusted and reliable solution like Clario to protect your personal information from hackers and bad actors.

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