How to Block Ads on Mac

What’s the most annoying thing on the internet? Probably everyone has their own list, but we bet there’s one pet hate we all have in common.  Yes, of course we mean ads.


Today, browsing certain websites is like elbowing your way through a crowded bazaar: everybody is trying to sell you something, even if you’re just passing through.


If you are sick and tired of closing a bunch of pop-ups and declining a dozen “special offers” to finally read a few paragraphs, then we’ve got some essential tips for you.

How to block ads on Safari

Apple implemented some default solutions for blocking ads on Safari. Of course, they are far from perfect but it’s still better than nothing.


Optimize Safari preferences to make Safari block ads

Apple’s default web browser settings allow you to block pop-up ads as well as cross-site trackers. Here’s how you can do it.


Block pop-up ads in Safari

1️⃣Open Safari, then select Preferences


2️⃣Head to the Websites tab and select Pop-up Windows


3️⃣Select Block and Notify from the drop-down menu next to the website name to block pop-ups for the open website.


4️⃣To block pop-ups for other websites as well, select Block and Notify from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the preferences.


Prevent website tracking in Safari

Select the Privacy tab from Safari’s Preferences. Then, select the checkboxes next to both the below options:

  • Prevent cross-site tracking
  • Ask websites not to track me


Remember, this precaution may not always work despite ticking these boxes.  Some websites will simply decide not to comply with the request and still track you.


Block ads on Safari with Reader mode

Another way to stop ads in Safari is to use the Reader mode. This reduces the webpage so you only see the main content such as the text and related illustrations. All secondary elements such as videos, sidebars, social media buttons, and - most importantly - ads will not appear on the page.


You can turn on Reader mode by following the below instructions:


1️⃣Select View -> Show Reader on the top menu bar


2️⃣Press Shift⇧+Command⌘+R on your keyboard


3️⃣Click the Reader button (it looks like three and a half horizontal lines) next to the address bar


Then, the page will look more like a document than a webpage, with any distracting elements, including the ads, removed.


You can tell Safari to automatically open some or all compatible web pages in the Reader mode:

  • Click Safari next to the Apple sign and select Preferences
  • Choose Reader from the left pane
  • Select On from the dropdown menu next to the listed websites to turn on Reader mode for individual websites
  • To turn on Reader for all compatible websites, you need to select On from the dropdown menu next to When visiting other websites

How to stop Google Chrome ads

Like Safari, Chrome can also block pop-up ads and website trackers. However, Chrome’s settings look a bit more advanced in comparison to Safari’s. Chrome has an additional section allowing you to block ads on any websites showing misleading or intrusive ads.


Block pop-ups, redirections, and ads in Chrome

1️⃣Open Chrome


2️⃣Navigate to Chrome -> Preferences


3️⃣Select Privacy and security -> Site settings


4️⃣Scroll down until you see the Pop-ups and redirects and Ads options


5️⃣Click Pop-ups and redirects and make sure that the toggle is off. It should be grey instead of blue.


6️⃣Click Ads and make sure the toggle is off as well


Prevent website tracking in Chrome

1️⃣In the Chrome preferences head to Privacy and security -> More


2️⃣Turn on the toggle next to the option Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic


3️⃣Confirm your action in the disclaimer dialog box by clicking Confirm


How to remove ads on Mac using ad blocking software

While web browsers do offer ways to limit the number of ads on the web, none of these options are perfect or block ads completely. That’s why third-party companies create ad blockers in response to these intrusive advertising policies.


Ad blocking software is an app or web browser extension capable of blocking various kinds of ads on webpages. It’s easy to block ads with an ad blocker: once installed, it just does its job and delivers an ad-free experience to the user without needing to carry out any further actions.


Ad blockers have a number of advantages compared to changing your web browser’s settings to block ads.  As a rule, ad blockers have advanced features like blocking ad trackers or setting up custom filters to block even more unwanted elements. Such apps can block ads completely and are much easier to use as all these settings are already in one place.


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