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Can the FBI Track Your IP Address

Many people have wondered if the FBI can track them. The answer is yes, including your IP address. It usually means you’ve been involved in some illegal activities. However, you don’t have to be a criminal to be tracked by the FBI. In fact, the FBI is known for mass surveillance of US citizens. But you can protect your privacy. Clario AntiSpy helps you steer clear of anyone spying on you through your mobile phone or laptop.

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When will the FBI track an IP address?

The FBI will track an IP address anytime it wants to monitor someone’s location. They can also do this if they suspect you are involved in criminal activity to gather evidence while building a case against you. Don’t expect the FBI to give you a heads-up about it, though.


Instead of tracking you physically, the agency will monitor things it can track, like your physical movements, texts, emails, and phone calls. However, broadly speaking, people who aren’t committing crimes don’t have to worry about being tracked by the FBI.

Can the FBI track down an IP address that has been changed?

Yes, the FBI can track dynamic IP addresses. It’s just a matter of approaching the service provider to hand over the IP address of their target, usually with a subpoena. The FBI digs to find out which internet service provider (ISP) owns that IP address, which they can then approach for your details.

How can the FBI track your IP address?

  • Does the government spy on us?
  • Is the government watching you?
  • Does the government monitor social media?

The government, including the FBI, has the resources to track your IP address. Here’s how:

1. Using an IP tracker

The FBI can use IP tracking websites to track people's IP addresses. IP tracking websites create shorter versions of URLs to help you track IP addresses. IP Tracker is one such website. While it was created to help fight cyberbullying, it can be used by the FBI or illegally by bad actors.

2. From social media

The FBI can leverage social media to collect information about you. No, we’re not talking about accessing the public posts you’ve published—although they can do that, too. The FBI and the police can request a person's data from social media networks, apps, and websites that store your data.

Did you know?

According to Vox, although social media provided clues about those involved in the January 6 Capitol riots in the US, the FBI obtained some suspects’ information from big tech companies like Facebook and Google.

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3. Triangulation

The FBI can also track you using your phone number. When this isn’t possible, it may use triangulation.

What is triangulation?

Triangulation definition: Triangulation is a method used by law enforcement to pinpoint someone’s location. It involves connecting two areas as a starting point. From there, the FBI can add another site to narrow down a location or range.

While this may not give the FBI your specific location or home address, it provides an area to look at. By narrowing down a location through triangulation, the FBI can save time and resources trying to locate someone.

What can you do to avoid IP tracking by the FBI?

Being tracked by the FBI can make anyone uncomfortable. Here’s how to avoid IP tracking by the FBI:

  • Watch what you post online. Don’t post anything that could give the FBI clues about your whereabouts.
  • Use a VPN to mask your IP address. This doesn’t guarantee the FBI won’t be able to track you at all; you will not be able to change the virtual location of your device. It just means that all outgoing traffic from your device will be secure.

Can the FBI track VPN?

No, but it can make your ISP share your details for clues.

However, there is a way you can change your virtual location—Clario AntiSpy.


Clario AntiSpy’s Virtual Location tool allows you to set your iPhone or iPad location anywhere in the world, thereby protecting your privacy. You can choose particular GPS coordinates to pick a random area on the map, and no one will know where you really are.


Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download Clario, get a subscription, and set up an account
  2. Select Virtual Location and follow the prompts.


Keep Clario AntiSpy’s Virtual Location enabled for round-the-clock protection wherever you are.


FBI IP tracking isn’t something everyone should worry about. However, it is a reality, so it helps to arm yourself with knowledge. Additionally, implement the best practices listed in this article to protect your privacy.


If you take anything from this article, let it be to use anti-spying software to steer clear of anyone spying on you, like the FBI. We recommend using Clario AntiSpy’s Virtual Location tool to browse the internet freely, knowing no one can track your location through your IP address. After all, everyone has a right to privacy.

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