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Certo AntiSpy Review

If you’re like most people, your privacy is important to you, and that extends to your phone’s security. You may have found Certo AntiSpy while searching for an anti-spying tool for your mobile phone and wondered if it’s best for you. In this article, we’ll review Certo Anti Spy, so you can decide if it's the best solution for you.

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Certo AntiSpy pros and cons

Great for users who aren’t tech-savvyMalware protection is only available on the paid options
Available on iPhone and Android devicesSlow installation process
Detects hidden spy appsNo free trial for the iOS
Offers a 30-day money-back guaranteePaid tiers for iOS are not available on the App Store
Helpful and friendly customer support agentsScan works significantly slower when running in the background or if your phone’s memory is full
Doesn’t bombard users with ads like other apps doOffers generic security tips that don’t add value
Provides insights into your risk exposure and makes recommendations to improve itLow rating (3.6) on Sitejabber
High rating (4.4) on TrustpilotSome customers report being charged for a subscription after canceling it
 Customer support agents sometimes take hours or longer to respond to queries
 Certo AntiSpy works on a computer, which can be a tedious process
 The free version doesn’t detect spyware; you must upgrade to Certo AntiSpy to do so
 Some users report receiving inconsistent results when scanning their devices multiple times in a row
 Some users report a lack of clear guidance for using the service

What is Certo AntiSpy?

Certo AntiSpy is an anti-spying utility that helps users manage and improve their mobile phone security. The software scans your phone and enables you to remove threats at the click of a button. Users can access Certo AntiSpy on the App Store, Google Play, and the Certo Software website. It works on both Android and iPhone devices.


While Certo Antispy is a decent anti-spying solution, the long wait times for customer support work against it. Conversely, you can try Clario Anti Spy. It boasts fast and efficient expert assistance and provides users with 24/7 in-app support. This means you can rest assured that you have a technical expert on hand anytime you run into issues or have questions about the app.

Who are the Certo AntiSpy developers?

Certo AntiSpy was developed by Certo Software Ltd, a cybersecurity firm based in Basingstoke, England. It was the company’s first product, released in 2016, its founding year.

Main features of Certo AntiSpy

Certo AntiSpy’s key features include:

  1. Spyware detection to identify threats
  2. Keylogger detection to determine if someone is monitoring your taps
  3. Find tracking apps that are collecting your data
  4. OS integrity check
  5. Vulnerability scanning
  6. Threat removal to secure your device

1. Spyware detection

Learning how to stop someone from spying on your phone is crucial for protecting your privacy and sensitive information. Certo AntiSpy’s Spyware detection feature scans your device to unearth bugging software and security threats. This allows you to intervene timeously by removing the threats and safeguarding your personal information.


The Spyware detection feature on the Certo Mobile Security (free) app is unavailable. You will have to get a separate solution for $8.99 monthly or $59.88 yearly.

Image showing the Certo AntiSpy app advertised on the Certo Mobile Security app. Both apps form part of our Certo AntiSpy review.

While Certo AntiSpy can be a useful tool against spyware, its lack of other security and privacy features makes it an incomplete cybersecurity utility. Conversely, Clario AntiSpy is a robust utility that monitors your phone for threats and helps protect your data with a suite of tools offering a range of benefits. This includes an integrated VPN and Data breach monitor, which can alert you when your email address has been included in a data dump after a data breach.


All of Clario AntiSpy’s tools make it a comprehensive solution for safe browsing, data protection, and overall device security. Additionally, its helpful guides teach you how to remove spyware from iPhone and Android to protect your data.


Shielding your mobile phone with Clario AntiSpy is as simple as following the instructions below:

  1. Download Clario AntiSpy and set up an account.
  2. Head to the desired section on the screen and tap the relevant button associated with the feature you want to use. For example, tap Run deep scan in the Spyware scan section and follow the prompts.
Side-by-side images showing the Clario AntiSpy app. In our Certo AntiSpy review, it emerges as a better offering thanks to its wide range of features.
Step 2. Tap Run deep scan in the Spyware scan section

2. Keylogger detection

The Keylogger detection feature identifies software that monitors and collects data from your keystrokes and taps, allowing you to step in to protect your privacy.

Image showing the Certo Mobile Security app’s custom keyboards feature on an iPhone. The app forms part of our Certo AntiSpy review.

3. Find tracking apps

Certo AntiSpy identifies tracking apps that monitor and collect your audio, camera, and location data. It also alerts you when you’ve installed known tracking apps. There are more ways to stop others from tracking you. Discover how to make your phone impossible to track.


The Find tracking apps feature identifies tracking apps that monitor and collect your audio, camera, and location data, whereas the Spyware detection feature finds bugging or spying software.

4. OS integrity check

The OS integrity check looks for signs of tampering with your device’s operating system, such as jailbreaking or rooting. If you find your phone has been jailbroken or tampered with without your knowledge, someone is most likely spying on you.

Image showing Certo Mobile Security’s iOS check results. The system check feature is included in our Certo AntiSpy review.

5. Vulnerability scanning

Certo AntiSpy’s vulnerability scans check your phone for vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to access your device and personal data, allowing you to identify hidden loopholes and threats.

6. Threat removal

After identifying threats from your phone using Certo AntiSpy’s scan, Certo AntiSpy’s scan will either guide you to remove them or get rid of them on your behalf.

Certo AntiSpy pricing

Certo offers various packages for Android and iOS. Below, you can read more about these offerings, including their prices and features.

Certo AntiSpy for iPhone

Certo offers three tiers for iOS devices: Certo Mobile Security, Certo AntiSpy, and Certo AntiSpy Max.

1. Certo Mobile Security

Certo Mobile Security is a free tier that gives you access to basic features to protect your data and check for vulnerabilities.

The Certo Mobile Security app is displayed on an iPhone. For this Certo AntiSpy review, the image shows users what the app looks like.

Using Certo Mobile Security requires no setting up and includes the following features:

  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Security check
  • Custom keyboards check
  • Ad tracking check

2. Certo AntiSpy

Certo AntiSpy is Certo’s lower-priced paid tier, offering limited capability. Here’s what it allows you to do:

  • Perform deep scans
  • Scan and protect three devices
  • Weed out spyware
  • Remove threats

Certo AntiSpy costs $8.99 monthly or $59.88 for the annual subscription.

3. Certo AntiSpy Max

Certo’s advanced mobile security for iPhones, Certo AntiSpy Max, is the more robust of the three tiers. It provides access to all of Certo AntiSpy’s features and the following for good measure:

  • PDF reports
  • Scan backups
  • The ability to check unlimited devices

Naturally, that means this particular tier costs more than Certo AntiSpy. Certo AntiSpy Max will set you back $12.99 monthly or $83.88 annually. Certo AntiSpy and Certo AntiSpy Max come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the downside, they’re only available on Certo’s official website.

Certo AntiSpy for Android

Certo offers two anti-spyware tiers for Android—Basic and Premium. Both tiers protect your Android device from malicious threats like spyware, viruses, trojans, and stalkerware. Compare Certo’s packages for Android below:

1. Basic

This is a free package available to all Android users. As such, it offers the most basic features, including:

  • Spyware detection
  • Privacy audit
  • System adviser

2. Premium

Certo AntiSpy’s Premium tier gives you access to all the features included in the Basic plan, plus the auto scan, intruder detection, and breach check features missing from it. Of course, that comes at a cost, though you can take advantage of Certo’s seven-day free trial. Expect to pay $1.99 per month or $12.99 annually to access the features available on Certo AntiSpy’s Premium plan.

Does Certo AntiSpy work?

Yes. It tackles vulnerabilities and malicious threats on your device, though other utilities like it are on the market. Clario AntiSpy, for instance, offers a lot more than an anti-spy scan. It also offers useful tools such as a data breach monitor, VPN service, and anti-spy setup — all of which are missing from Certo AntiSpy, even though they are crucial for managing your overall security and privacy in one place. With Certo AntiSpy, you would have to get these tools separately, potentially spending even more money and installing and managing more apps on your device.


Besides Clario AntiSpy, you can potentially find other apps offering more than what Certo AntiSpy does and get more value for your money.

Certo AntiSpy interface

Certo AntiSpy’s interface is quite straightforward. The free iPhone and Android iterations feature a large scan button for quick access and the app’s features directly below it. After you’ve scanned your iPhone, the Mac or Apple dashboard conveniently displays the scan results so you can immediately take action.

Certo AntiSpy customer support

You can contact Certo AntiSpy’s customer support by filling out a form or submitting a ticket on the website. The company neither offers its expertise to users via telephone assistance nor 24/7 in-app support. Additionally, Certo Software support agents typically respond within 12 hours, which can be a huge inconvenience if you need help urgently.

Is Certo AntiSpy worth it?

While Certo AntiSpy is legitimate and finds hidden spyware holistically, it doesn’t offer the best value for money due to its slow performance and lack of 24/7 in-app support. If that doesn’t cut it for you, check out the best anti-spy app for Android. To get the best anti-spying protection, use Clario Anti Spy. It’s quick and efficient, boasting multiple privacy and security features for convenience and peace of mind.


It offers 24/7 human assistance from professionals to ensure you can always get the help you need, no matter when you need it. After all, time is of the essence when resolving your privacy and security issues. Finally, with Clario Anti Spy, you can manage your phone’s security and privacy from one place instead of dealing with (and potentially paying for) multiple services, easing the burden of safeguarding your phone.

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