Tips on How to Change Your Netflix Region Securely

In the first quarter of 2020, Netflix dominated the Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) market with a 32.1% share.


The streaming service is available in 190 countries around the world, offering some of the best TV series and movies worldwide to an ever-expanding audience. The tricky thing with the popular content provider is how some of its programming is limited in certain regions. This is mostly due to licensing with particular content considered illegal in some countries although there are also other issues around copyright, and price discrimination. That’s why some movies available in the US right now are unavailable to stream on Netflix UK.


It’s no secret that the US version of Netflix has the best and most diverse content around. But if you’re somewhere in Europe or Asia, you will be unable to access it even though you pay a monthly subscription. The good news is that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can trick Netflix into believing you’re located someplace else so you can gain access.  This is one of the main reasons you may wish to change your Netflix location.


In this article, we will talk about how to change your Netflix region, but also about the best ways of doing so safely. As we’re about to find out, there are ways to do it without a VPN. However, taking this route could make you potentially vulnerable to different cyberthreats. Read on to find out more about the most effective ways to access the best of Netflix regardless of where you’re at.

What is VPN and how do I change my Netflix region?

It’s no secret that Netflix has geographic restrictions for the content it streams.  


This is due to the regional rules and regulations of each onboarded country.  VPNs can be used to bypass these restrictions. They enable you to connect securely to other internet networks and can be used to hide your browsing activity when you access public Wi-Fi networks, access websites blocked by region, and more.


On a broad level, when you are online and a VPN is activated, two core benefits apply:

  • Privacy via the masking of your location, IP address, and search history. This prevents unwanted tracking and monitoring by internet browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other entities interested in stealing/spying on what you are doing while surfing the web.
  • Security via the encryption of your personal data, as well as any information received by you on your device, or sent to someone else.


VPN explained & how do I change Netflix region?

Originally created to only securely connect business networks from different regions, a VPN hides your actual location by masking your IP address. Simply put, it protects you from cybercrime and identity theft, as well as other online scams lurking in your spam folder. Because we live in a highly-advanced digital world, increasingly more people - tech savvy and otherwise - have started to pay greater attention to the information they share online. For many, a VPN is a safety net protecting them and their devices from potential hack attempts that might result in both financial and non-financial breaches.  


As far as Netflix is concerned, a VPN allows you to watch the US version of Netflix, for example, even if you’re in France.  


However, just because it can be used to trick Netflix into believing you live someplace else, this doesn’t mean VPNs promote illegal activity. Trusted VPN providers operate as a business entity, meaning that cybercrime experts are entitled to access your data should you engage in any illicit activities online.


How do I change my Netflix region to bypass geo-blocks?

It used to be easier for VPNs to breach such geo-blocks. However, in  recent years, Netflix has gotten smarter and managed to solve the geo-spoofing issue; at least to some degree. Right now, the streaming services keeps track of IP addresses pertaining to VPN companies, and blocks them by doing a list comparison. That’s why, even when you do use a VPN, you can still get blocked from accessing content. Luckily, some VPN providers have gotten smarter, too, and the best out there can bypass the detection system used by Netflix.

How to use a VPN on Netflix?

Learning how to use Netflix with VPN is really simple. Prior to getting started on the steps involved to complete the set up, it’s worth mentioning that the best VPNs usually need to be paid for. However, the majority offer a free trial. If you plan to use it for longer, then certain fees apply depending on your chosen provider.


How can I use VPN for Netflix & what are my best options?

In terms of important features to look for on how to watch Netflix with VPN, it goes without saying that each provider has its very own pros and cons. Needless to say, it all depends on how tech savvy you are, how much time you have available to learn about VPNs, and whether or not you plan to use one for shorter/longer periods of time. The core features to look for in a VPN include:

  • Capacity to bypass Netflix geo-blocks
  • Reliable connection and high-speed for a greater streaming experience
  • Regular updates on IP addresses to make sure you stay undetected
  • Servers located in the regions where you want to access Netflix content.

Please note that VPNs don’t offer access to Netflix content available in all 190 countries. So make sure you check beforehand if your chosen VPN can unblock the content in your preferred country or region.


Can I change region on Netflix if I install VPN on my streaming device?

As far as installation is concerned, in most cases you’ll have to register on the VPN’s website by providing some personal information and an email address. Following this step, you’ll be offered a payment method and plan.


Last but not least, the final step is to install the software on your device after downloading your chosen provider’s app. In general, installation is really easy and fast. If you’re having issues, most providers have a 24/7 customer support system to assist you.


Connect to a server in a country with the Netflix content you want

As soon as the installation is completed, you need to open the VPN app, then select a server location of your preference. Click on the region/country you want to see Netflix content from and you will be automatically connected to the server.

Is it safe and legal to use a VPN to unblock Netflix content?

Can you use a VPN for Netflix legally? Yes, absolutely. There is no reason to believe that if you get a VPN and learn how to change your Netflix region, then you might get into trouble. It’s worth pointing out that while Netflix continues to fight to strengthen its geo-blocks, VPN providers are fighting back, too. However, as long as you go with a trusted provider you will not get into any trouble. Also, you have no reason to fear that Netflix will cancel your account or ban you altogether.


The issue with VPNs for Netflix is how not all providers can unblock the content you want. Also, some are unreliable, and as far as cybersecurity is concerned, it’s never too late to be cautious. Always choose your provider from a reliable source and avoid VPNs that are free. Earlier this year, several free VPNs exposed the private user information of an estimated 20 million VPN users, including passwords, email address, IP addresses, device IDs, home addresses, and more. Rather than protect your data, free VPNs can do more harm than good. It always pays to do your due diligence prior to making your choice.

Can you use a VPN with Netflix without downloading any software?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to use a VPN without downloading a provider’s app/software on your computer or laptop. One of its core benefits is how it protects you from cybercrime because it encodes your data (e.g. web browsing, payment information when shopping online). Any hacker attempting to access your device’s information will only be granted access to the code.


Please note that if you stumble upon a VPN provider claiming to unblock all Netflix content from every country or region by simply clicking on a link without downloading anything, it may be a sign of phishing. Such offers are too good to be true, not to mention unrealistic and technically impossible to put into practice (at least for now).

How to change Netflix region without VPN?

While using a VPN on a computer or laptop is rather straightforward, if you’d like to bypass Netflix geo-blocks from a smartphone, gaming console, or iPad, things might be a little too confusing. Also, many providers claim to support different devices, even though in reality they don’t.


Given that proxies have become outdated and Netflix is using extremely complex software, the only viable option for learning how to change your Netflix region is to go with a Smart DNS. In theory, it works just like a VPN but only a portion of the connection is routed (the right amount needed to keep your actual location hidden). The remaining portion is between your device and the web server.


In simple terms, you are making yourself vulnerable to scammers as using Smart DNS offers zero security. If you don’t care about security and you want speed and super simple installation, it might be an option to consider.  


Regardless of what you decide to do, when changing your Netflix region, you may expose yourself to different threats. To avoid that from happening, give yourself that extra layer of protection by downloading an all-in-one cybersecurity software like Clario! The best part is Clario also has a built-in VPN so you know you are extra safe and secure!  

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