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How to Stop Safari Ads on Your Mac and iPhone

Few ads deserve your attention and even fewer should command it while browsing the web. The bad news is, Safari gives far too much spotlight to ads by default. The good news is that's about to change. Before we dive into Safari's settings, consider using Clario's ad blocker. It protects your Mac and iPhone, blocking ads, trackers, and malicious scripts in real-time.


To infuse some tranquility into your browsing experience, let’s see how to block ads on Safari. Follow us on a journey to an ad-free browsing experience or jump straight to a preferred solution below: 

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How to block ads in Safari preferences  

You can get rid of ads by customizing the Safari preferences for pop-up windows on your Mac or iPhone. Even though this method helps remove the overwhelming majority of pop-ups, some ads manage to sneak through the cracks. If you don’t mind closing an occasional pop-up, here’s how to adjust your Safari ad settings.  


How to block ads in Safari for Mac

To stop seeing annoying pop-ups on your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari
  2. In the Safari menu, select Preferences  
  3. In the Websites tab, click Pop-up Windows
  4. If you have websites in the list, select all of them and click Remove
  5. Set the option called When visiting other websites to Block and Notify.
Safari pop-up settings

Now Safari not only blocks pop-ups but also notifies you every time it does so. You can avoid Safari notifications by simply setting the option called When visiting other websites to Block. However, it’s good to know when Safari blocks something since not all pop-ups are ads. Read on to find out how to block ads exclusively on Safari.


If a website is not working correctly, unblocking it in Safari might help rectify the issue.  


How to block ads in Safari for iOS

Safari on iOS has a similar option allowing you to block pop-ups on websites while browsing from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.


Here’s how to block Safari ads on iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Select Safari from the list
  3. Toggle the Block Pop-ups option.

That’s it. Safari on your iOS device should now block all pop-ups.

How to remove ads from Safari with the Reader mode

Safari’s Reader mode is a built-in setting for destruction-free browsing. In addition to stopping ads, the mode also removes other visual distractions, allowing you to focus on the contents of a webpage.  


To remove ads with the Reader mode, do the following:

  1. Go to a website
  2. In the Safari menu, select Settings for this Website
  3. Tick two boxes: Use Reader when available and Enable content blockers.
Safari Reader mode

From now on, Safari will show you the barebone pages of the preferred website. You can either turn on the Reader mode for individual websites or activate it for all websites at once. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Safari
  2. In the Safari menu, select Preferences
  3. In the Reader tab, enable the When visiting other websites option.
Safari Reader mode settings

How to remove ads on Safari with an ad-blocker

After trying to remove ads with the native Safari settings, you might still notice occasional banners and redirections. Using the native iOS feature helps you eliminate all kinds of pop-ups, even the ones you might expect. To completely get rid of ads, install a third-party ad-blocker.


Here are some of the most popular and reliable ad-blockers to help you stop pesky ads once and for all:

  • Clario

An ad-blocker for Mac and iPhone that runs in Safari to stop pop-ups, blocks harmful links and checks website scripts for malware.  

  • Adblock Plus

A simple app for removing ads from websites and social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.  

  • AdGuard

A subscription-based app that filters apps in websites and iPhone games. The app has parental controls for restricting access to age-inappropriate content.  

  • Wipr

Available for both macOS and iOS, this app can help you browse the web without annoying pop-ups.  

  • uBlock

An ad-blocker for Safari with an intuitive interface that also helps stop web trackers to maintain your privacy.  

Instantly block ads on iOS with Clario ad-blocker

Pop-up ads is not the only kind of online advertisement that is waiting for you out there. Search campaigns, display ads, pop-ups, etc. — you can get rid of them all with Clario ad-clocker.


Installing an ad-blocker is a simple task:  

  1. Download and install Clario for iOS
  2. Launch the app and tap toggle Ad blocker on
  3. Tap Set up
  4. Tap Got it and follow the onscreen instructions
  5. Toggle Clario on under Allow These Content Blockers
  6. Go back to Clario and tap Done.

That’s it. You can now enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. When Clario’s instant ad blocker is active, it prevents all pop-ups, search result advertising, and any other ads you haven’t authorized. The Safari extension gives you complete control, which means you can grant your favorite sites a free pass to show ads whenever you want. See the difference in the before and after pictures below.


Clario web protection extension blocks all ads on your iPhone

Fewer ads means a less cluttered, distracting, and hazardous browsing experience that enables you to make your decision based on unbiased information. Clario can also help create an ad-free experience on your Mac.

Instantly block ads on Mac with Clario Ad-blocker

  1. Download and install Clario for Mac
  2. Launch the app and click Browsing
Clario dashboard with browsing highlighted

     3. Click the Three dots (...) button under Ads and pop-ups

Clario browsing panel with more button in ads and pop-ups section highlighted

     4. Click Continue under Ad blocker

Clario ad tools panel with continue highlighted under ad blocker

     5. Select your browser — Safari or Chrome and follow the on-screen instructions.

Clario install ad blocker screen with Safari and Chrome highlighted

With the Safari or Chrome extension installed, Clario will automatically block any advertising a website tries to present. Also, you can adjust preferences at any time by clicking the Clario icon in the Safari menu bar or in the extensions menu in Chrome. From here, you can easily switch the instant ad blocker off when you want to view advertising on trusted sites. See the difference in the before and after pictures below.


Safari with ads:

Google search in Safari with ads showing in results

Safari ad-free:

Google search in Safari with no ads showing

Try Clario, so you can secure your device and prevent unwanted advertising immediately. And, naturally, the app doesn't contain any of that pesky adware you want to avoid. Clario is one of the simplest solutions for protecting your online privacy and safeguarding your device.

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