How to Block Ads in Safari

If you are a loyal Apple customer, chances are you use Safari as your primary web browser on your Mac and iPhone.


As with any internet user, you’re likely to be exposed to a huge number of adverts as no browser or device is protected from them by default.


How about getting rid of ads altogether? Clario is a completely new type of ad blocker with built-in 24/7 support from live security experts. Best of all, it’s jargon-free, personalized, and easy to use. Download Clario to experience the future of personal digital protection. For more tips and tricks to steering clear of ads on Safari, take a look below.


If you want to see fewer adverts, then you will need to go beyond your 'default' settings and make some improvements yourself.


The good news is Apple’s Safari has some native settings to help you block ads while you are browsing. The bad news is … well, let’s not go there for now.

How to block ads in Safari for Mac

Here’s how you can block ads by just customizing the Safari preferences on your Mac.


1️⃣Open Safari and select Preferences from the menu bar


2️⃣Select the Websites tab. You need the Pop-up Windows option


3️⃣Look at the bottom of the settings window and find the option called When visiting other websites


4️⃣Select Block and Notify from the drop-down menu


You have two options if you’ve already added websites to the list.


First, change settings for every website to Block and Notify.


Second, remove all websites from the list. There’s no need to click each item - you can select all websites the same way as you select a snippet of text. Highlight the required websites, then click Remove.


Then just change the settings for visiting other websites: it will automatically apply to all.


Now, when a website wants to show you a pop-up notification, Safari will block it and notify you.


Why not choose just Block? Sometimes it’s good to be aware Safari has blocked a pop-up on a page, as not all are ads.


If you see a website is not working correctly - perhaps a certain page element you’re looking for isn’t visible - chances are Safari blocked it. In this case, you can change website settings and allow pop-ups to troubleshoot the issue.

How to block ads in Safari for iOS

Safari on iOS has a similar option allowing you to block pop-ups on websites while browsing from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.


Here’s what you should do to block them:


1️⃣Open the Settings app on your iPhone


2️⃣Select Safari from the list


3️⃣Turn on the Block Pop-ups toggle so that it goes green


That’s it - Safari on your iOS device will block pop-ups on the websites.


If you’ve already changed the settings and your Safari blocks pop-up ads, you may still notice other kinds of ads like banners, redirections, or opening new tabs with ads.


That’s the bad news you might have already guessed. Safari’s native settings cannot block all kinds of ads.


So you may want to look for another solution for this ads issue. A third-party ad blocker will be of help here. Fortunately, Clario is working on a new-generation app capable of blocking various ads to make your online experience better and more secure.


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