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My Ex Is Stalking Me on Spotify

It can be unsettling to realize that your ex, who should now be a part of your past, is watching your Spotify activity. While it may seem harmless, this kind of obsessive behavior can become more dangerous. Below, we’ll explain how to use Spotify’s privacy controls to block your ex and regain your privacy. And if that doesn’t make you feel completely secure, Clario Anti Spy can help protect your online presence and stop stalking behavior.

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Can you see who stalks your Spotify?

Yes, by checking your Spotify profile, you can see who follows you. Any suspicious followers, or followers you know are your ex, could be stalking you.


To check your followers on PC:

  1. Open Spotify and select your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down to the “Follower” section. Unfortunately, all you can see is who follows you. You won’t be able to see who views your profile or playlists.
Spotify followers as shown on the Windows Spotify app. Check your follower list to see if your ex is stalking you on Spotify.
Step 1: Open Spotify, select your profile icon, then scroll down to the “Follower” section.

To check your followers on Android and iPhone:

  1. Open Spotify, then tap your profile icon > View profile.
  2. Tap the area under your name that shows how many followers you have. This will display a list of your followers.
To check your followers on an Android or iPhone, select your profile icon and press View profile. Check your followers to see if your ex is stalking you on Spotify.
Step 1: Open Spotify, then tap your profile icon > View profile. Then tap the "Followers" section.

How to know if your ex is stalking you on Spotify

It can be hard to tell if someone is stalking your Spotify, but luckily, you can do a few things to find out. In this section, we’ll list a few red flags you should look out for that can show whether or not a narcissist stalker is tracking your listening habits.

Signs your ex is stalking you on Spotify

Here are some warning signs that can help you tell if someone is stalking your Spotify:

  1. They follow you on Spotify: If your ex is following you, they may be able to see your playlists and track your listening habits. To tell if someone is stalking your spotify, double-check whether they’re on your followers’ list.
  2. They frequently interact with your Spotify account: If your ex constantly “likes” your playlists or follows and unfollows you, it’s a sign they’re trying to get your attention.
  3. They try to send messages through playlists: Keep an eye out for playlists with titles or tracklists tailored to communicate a message to you.
  4. They reach out to your shared friends: If they ask mutual friends about your music habits (or other habits), they may be trying to stalk you.

If you notice any of these things, you should take steps to increase your online privacy. Below, we’ll explain what you can do to protect yourself from an ex stalking my Spotify.

What does it mean when your ex is stalking your Spotify?

When someone stalks your Spotify, it means that they’re trying to track your music listening habits. Usually, they do this because they want to work out patterns in your life from what kind of music you’re listening to. And surprisingly, they can learn a lot from the types of music you listen to and the playlists you create.


For example, if you add certain songs to a shared playlist, they might think you miss them or want to get back together. Likewise, if you create a new playlist using your new partner’s name, they might realize you’re in a new relationship.


By tracking your activity on Spotify, they can try to keep your relationship alive or find reasons to reach out to you. And if they’re stalking you on Spotify, they’re likely stalking you elsewhere—especially on social media. That’s why you must know how to deal with a stalker ex.


To secure your online life, you can also invest in a powerful cybersecurity solution like Clario Anti Spy.


When you have a stalker, they’ll try anything in their power to track your activity. They may install spyware on your device or keep tabs on your location. Clario Anti Spy can help secure your device and uncover hidden spyware.


Here’s how to use Clario Anti Spy’s Spyware scan:

  1. Open the Clario Anti Spy app, then scroll down to Spyware scan.
  2. Select Run deep scan.
  3. Once the scan is finished, check if Clario Anti Spy has found any spyware. Next, follow the instructions to remove the spyware and secure your device.
Screenshots showing the instructions from the Clario Anti Spy app on running a deep spyware scan.

How to protect yourself from your ex stalking on Spotify

To protect yourself from an ex stalking your Spotify account, you need to change your settings and improve your digital hygiene. By blocking them and making sure they can’t see what you’re listening to, you can take back some privacy. Here’s how to get rid of a cyberstalker on Spotify:

  • Block your ex on Spotify (and elsewhere): Open Spotify, then go to your profile and scroll down to the “Followers” section. Select your ex’s profile. Press the three dots, then choose Block. It’s also a good idea to block them on other social media platforms to prevent Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram stalking.
Android screenshots showing how to block followers to prevent your ex from stalking you on Spotify.
Open the “Followers” section on your Spotify profile then select your ex’s profile > three dots > Block.
  • Change your Spotify privacy settings: Adjust your Spotify settings to make your activities private. Go to Settings and privacy in your Spotify app, then choose Privacy and social. Turn off all options that let other people see your activity or newly created playlists. It includes Followers & following, Listening activity, and Recently played artists.
  • Go private. Use Spotify’s “Private session” mode to temporarily hide your listening activity from your followers. Go to Settings > Privacy and social, then toggle on Private session. You’ll need to toggle this every 6 hours, as Spotify doesn’t provide a way to engage the setting for longer.
Android screenshots showing how to stop an ex from stalking your Spotify by enabling all privacy controls.
Go to Settings and privacy > Privacy and social and turn off all options.
  • Pay attention to your followers: Scanning and removing suspicious followers is a powerful way to get rid of a cyberstalker on Spotify. Regularly check your followers’ list. Look for unfamiliar accounts that may be your ex, using alternate profiles to follow you. Block any suspicious accounts that you don’t recognize.
  • Don’t make your playlists public: Be cautious about sharing your playlists with others. Avoid making them publicly accessible to ensure that only you can see what you’re listening to.


If your ex is stalking you on Spotify, they might be following you on other online platforms as well. We recommend updating your privacy settings on each platform to prevent potential stalkers from tracking your behavior on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. And here’s what to do if your ex looked at your LinkedIn.


Being stalked by an ex on Spotify can turn musical enjoyment into a distressing concern. Spotify provides a handful of social features that let your followers see your playlists and everything you listen to. To remain private, you should turn on all of Spotify’s privacy controls and pay close attention to who is following you.


The problem is that Spotify’s privacy controls are easily abused, especially if you face persistent stalking. But it’s important that you don’t let worries over digital privacy overshadow your passion for music. Take control of your digital security with Clario Anti Spy and regain your peace of mind with a Spyware can, Virtual location, and Data breach monitor.

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