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Why Is My Ex Stalking My Dating Profile

Ever wondered why your ex keeps looking at your dating profile? From curiosity to unresolved feelings, there are plenty of reasons why an ex might try to keep tabs on your dating life. In this article, we’ll explore the common motivations behind this behavior and how you can stop it. If you’re concerned about your online presence, Clario Anti Spy can help by hiding your location, uncovering spyware, and boosting your privacy.

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Can your ex find out if you have a dating profile?

Yes. There are many easy ways to find out if someone has a dating profile. From reverse lookup websites to sneaky tricks, if your ex wants to find your dating profile, they probably will. Here are some ways they might try to find your profile:

  • Paying to find your profile. Certain “reverse lookup” apps and websites will help you find a particular dating profile for a fee. They can look up usernames, email addresses, and even display photos.
  • Testing your email address. Your ex may try and sign up for each dating site using your email address. If you have an account on that site, they’ll get a message saying the email address is already used—then they’ll know that you have a dating profile.
  • Searching manually for your profile. If your ex has an account on the same dating app as you, they might try setting their location near your home. Then, they can slowly search through nearby profiles until they find you.
  • Asking mutual friends. If you share friends or acquaintances with your ex, they may try asking those people if you’re using a dating app.

If your ex randomly pops up in places you are or you suspect they somehow track your location, you might find Clario Anti Spy’s Virtual location feature quite useful. It masks your actual location and exchanges it with a fake online location that people tracking you will see from the second you set it up.


Here’s how to use Clario Anti Spy’s Virtual location:

  1. Download Clario Anti Spy and get a subscription to create an account.
  2. Click Virtual location.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and connect your phone to your computer.
  4. Open the desktop version of Clario Anti Spy.
  5. Click Virtual location and proceed to set your phone into Developer mode.
  6. Once done, Clario Anti Spy will show you the map, where you can set your virtual location anywhere you want.
Screenshots of an iPhone screen showing a Clario Anti Spy dashboard. Instruction on how to use the Virtual location feature to prevent your ex from stalking your dating profile.
Step 1. Open Virtual Location from your phone
Screenshots of an iPhone screen showing a Clario Anti Spy dashboard. Instruction on how to use the Virtual location feature to prevent your ex from stalking your dating profile.
Step 2. Connect your phone to computer.
Screenshots of an iPhone screen showing a Clario Anti Spy dashboard. Instruction on how to use the Virtual location feature to prevent your ex from stalking your dating profile.
Step 3. Enable Developer mode on your phone.
Screenshots of an iPhone screen showing a Clario Anti Spy dashboard. Instruction on how to use the Virtual location feature to prevent your ex from stalking your dating profile.
Step 4. Set up the location.


If you’re concerned that your ex is trying to see your dating profile, make sure to familiarize yourself with the signs your ex is stalking you.

What are the reasons your ex might stalk your dating profile?

There are several reasons why someone would stalk their ex’s dating profile, including:

  1. Obsession
  2. Emotional distress
  3. Insecurity
  4. Jealousy
  5. Closure
  6. Dependency
  7. Control

1. Obsession

Intense attachment or feeling of possessiveness over their partner can drive some people to stalk their ex. By stalking, they can maintain a connection with their ex and try to regain control over the relationship.

2. Emotional distress

Following a breakup, people often experience emotional pain, feelings of rejection, and grief. Stalking can be seen as a way to deal with these negative emotions. Many people stalk as a way to get revenge on their ex or convince themselves that it was their ex at fault for the breakup.

3. Insecurity

Feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem can cause people to stalk their exes. Through stalking, they can reassure themselves and seek validation by keeping tabs on their ex’s life, relationships, and activities.

4. Jealousy

If someone is extremely jealous or possessive over their partner, they might feel threatened by their ex seeking affection with someone else following the breakup. Because of this, they might try to monitor their interactions with new partners and love interests.

5. Closure

A person might try to stalk their ex to find closure or get answers to questions about the relationship or breakup. For example, if they still don’t understand why you broke up with them, they might use stalking as a way to try and find this out.

6. Dependency

Some people become highly dependent on their partners, making it extremely difficult to let them go. Not knowing what to do on their own, they resort to stalking in order to try and maintain or reignite the relationship.

7. Control

Some people use stalking as a way to assert dominance and control over their ex-partners. They might feel a sense of satisfaction that they can still exert influence over or instill fear into their ex’s life.


It’s important to keep in mind that none of these reasons justify or excuse stalking behavior. Stalking is a serious crime that violates your personal boundaries. It can make you anxious and even result in physical consequences. If you’re the victim of stalking, it’s crucial to seek support from trusted friends, family, and professionals.

What does it mean when your ex keeps looking at your dating profile?

If your ex repeatedly looks at your dating profile, it could mean a few different things. Often, it could be a feeling of curiosity or nostalgia that makes them keep coming back. After a breakup, people often wonder how their ex is doing and what they’re up to. If they see their ex on a dating profile, they might swipe right out of curiosity.


Alternatively, your ex may still have residual feelings for you. When they see you pop up on a dating site, they might wonder if there’s still a chance to rekindle the relationship. By checking your dating profile over and over again, they might be trying to work up the courage to reach out or trying to gauge if you’d be interested.


However, it’s possible that they’re checking your dating profile out of feelings of insecurity and jealousy. They might be threatened by the idea of you moving on, and looking at your profile is a way to compare their life with yours.


But finally, if they keep looking at your dating profile, it’s a warning sign that your ex is stalking you online. As we’ve explained above, people stalk their exes on dating sites for many different reasons. If they keep returning to your profile, they may try to keep tabs on your love life.

Privacy tip

If your ex is stalking you on dating apps, they may be stalking you on social media as well—though it could be for different reasons. Find out why your ex is stalking your Instagram.

How to protect yourself from an ex stalking on dating apps or sites

If your ex keeps viewing your dating profiles, you should try to make them harder to find. By changing your privacy settings, practicing good digital hygiene, and being careful with what you post, you can prevent your ex from stalking your dating profile.


Here’s what to do:

  • Enable all privacy settings. Most apps and websites will offer privacy controls that limit who can see your profile. Use these settings to ensure that your ex is unable to find your account.
  • Use an anonymous username. Don’t use an easily recognizable username. Avoid using your actual name or usernames you commonly use on other platforms. That way, your ex won’t recognize your username if they come across it by accident.
  • Limit your personal information and photos. Be careful about what information and photos you post to dating apps. Use images that aren’t posted elsewhere (like on social media) so that it’s impossible to use reverse image searches to find them.
  • Change your geographic settings. If you can change your location, try to avoid areas where your ex lives or frequently visits. This will reduce the chances of coming across them on the app.
  • Look up any matches before engaging with them. Double-check anyone you match with by looking them up on social media or reverse-searching their profile image. This can help you avoid being catfished and will also ensure that you aren’t matching with your ex.
  • Deactivate your dating profiles. If you notice that your ex’s stalking behavior is ramping up or becoming dangerous, you should deactivate your dating accounts for a while and seek professional help. Once the danger has passed, you can reactivate your accounts.

While these tips help protect you from stalking on your dating profiles, it’s not the only place that stalking can occur. How do you protect yourself from cyberstalkers in general? There’s no single answer—but using a VPN, employing strong privacy settings, and securing your devices with a powerful cybersecurity solution like Clario Anti Spy is a good place to start.


So there you have it—all of the reasons why your ex might still be peeking at your dating profile. Understanding these motivations can help offer you ways to prevent stalking, giving you some peace of mind.


If you’re still worried about your online safety, consider Clario Anti Spy for an extra layer of protection against stalking. Clario Anti Spy can help keep your dating life secure and private by removing hidden spyware, alerting you when your device or accounts have been tampered with, and hiding your GPS location so you can’t be tracked.

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