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How Is My Girlfriend Tracking Me

Do you suspect your girlfriend is tracking you? It's a serious problem that raises questions about trust, safety, and privacy. In this article, you'll learn why your partner might track you, the techniques she could use, and the measures you can take to stop her. Meanwhile, use Clario Anti Spy's Virtual Location to mask your actual location and safeguard your privacy.

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Why is your girlfriend tracking you

If you believe your girlfriend is tracking you, there could be various reasons for her actions, such as trust issues, insecurity, or manipulative behavior.


Your girlfriend is tracking you because:

  • She doesn't trust you: If you have a history of betraying her trust, she may feel the need to monitor your whereabouts out of fear of being hurt again.
  • She has negative experiences from past relationships: She could have had negative experience in her past relationships, so she might be tracking you to prevent it from repeating.
  • She is concerned for your safety: She might be genuinely worried about your safety, especially if you travel to unfamiliar or risky places.
  • She is jealous or insecure: She may be envious or insecure about how you interact with others, and tracking your movements could be her way of coping with her emotions.
  • She is controlling or manipulative: If she has a controlling, manipulative, or narcissistic personality, she may be tracking you to undermine your confidence and autonomy.

Clario Anti Spy can stop your partner from accurately tracking you by masking your phone's GPS location with a different address.


Here's how to use Clario Anti Spy's Virtual Location to hide your actual location:

  1. Install Clario Anti Spy on your device and subscribe to create an account.
  2. Select the option labeled Virtual Location.
  3. Connect your phone to your Mac or PC via USB and follow the onscreen instructions to set up a virtual location.
Screenshot that demonstrates how to use the Virtual Location feature in Clario Anti Spy to stop your girlfriend from tracking you.
Step 2: Select the Virtual Location option in Clario Anti Spy to launch the location masking wizard.


You can also install Clario Anti Spy to protect yourself from spyware, increase your privacy on social media, and access security experts 24/7.

How your girlfriend can track you

Understanding how common tracking methods work can help you recognize if your girlfriend is monitoring you without permission.

1. Via spyware

Spyware secretly monitors and collects information from your phone, such as your location, text messages, and other personal data. Android and iOS do not permit spyware on their app stores, but malicious apps can still be sideloaded or installed on jailbroken devices.


Signs your phone is infected with spyware include:

  • Unfamiliar apps and status symbols
  • Persistent permission requests
  • Shorter battery life
  • Increased data usage
  • Slow performance
  • Overheating
  • Frequent crashes

Here’s how to use Clario Anti Spy to detect Spyware on your phone:

  1. Open the Clario Anti Spy app and scroll down to Spyware Scan.
  2. Press Run deep scan.
  3. Wait for the scan to complete, then check if Clario Anti Spy discovered any spyware. Follow the on-screen steps to remove the spyware from your device.
Screenshots showing how to use Clario Anti Spy's spyware scan feature to check your device for spyware.

2. Using phone apps that track your location

Forget spyware—legitimate parental control and location-transmitting apps like mSpy, Eyezy, WebWatcher, and uMobix can also be used for tracking purposes. If your girlfriend knows your phone's passcode, she could install and hide an app that tracks you in real time.

3. Enable geodata sharing on your phone

Android and iOS devices have built-in geolocation services that you can use to share your location with friends, family, and co-workers, such as for meetups or to stay safe while traveling. However, these services are easy for anyone who has access to your phone to exploit.


For example, your girlfriend could enable location sharing through apps like Google Maps or Find My when you aren't looking and track you whenever she wants.

4. Check the network data of your mobile operator

If your girlfriend has login access to your mobile carrier's account, she can monitor you through call and text message logs. While these records do not provide location data, they can give clues about your movements and contacts.

5. Tracking via Wi-Fi networks

Smartphones automatically connect to known Wi-Fi networks, and certain apps and services—e.g., Fing and Google Timeline—can use those logs to generate a reasonably accurate picture of where you've been.

6. Using Apple AirTags and other tracking devices

Item trackers such as AirTags, Tile, and Chipolo are easy to abuse. All your girlfriend has to do is slip a Bluetooth tracker into your belongings to monitor you. Even innocent-looking gadgets like AirPods can be tracked. She might also go to extreme lengths and use dedicated vehicle trackers—e.g., Spytec and Vyncs—to track your car.

7. Monitor your social networks

If you frequently post updates or check your social media, your girlfriend might use these to track your movements. For example, Instagram location tags can be monitored through your profile, while Snapchat's Snap Map feature allows real-time location tracking if active.

How can you check if your girlfriend is tracking you

Various methods can help determine if your girlfriend is tracking your location. These typically involve checking your phone for spyware, reviewing your device's location settings, and inspecting your belongings for hidden tracking devices.

1. Check for unfamiliar apps

Begin by looking through your phone for apps you didn't install, as these are likely spyware or tracking tools used to monitor you.


Here's how to check for unfamiliar apps on Android and iPhone:

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps (Android) or go to General > iPhone Storage (iOS).
  3. Review the list of apps. If you find anything unfamiliar, perform a quick online search and uninstall it if it appears malicious or invasive.
Screenshots showing how to find if your girlfriend is tracking you by checking for spyware and tracking tools on your mobile device.
Steps 2-3: Tap Apps (Android) or go to General > iPhone Storage (iOS) and check for unfamiliar apps.

2. Check who you are sharing your location with

Google Maps and Find My are built-in apps on Android and iPhone that can share your location with others. Check if your partner has tampered with these apps.


Here's how to see who Google Maps and Find My is sharing your location with:

  1. Open Google Maps or Find My.
  2. Tap your profile picture and select Location Sharing (Google Maps) or the People tab (Find My).
  3. Revoke sharing permissions for anyone who shouldn't have access to your location.
Screenshots showing how to check if your girlfriend is tracking you by finding out who can see your location via Google Maps and Find My.
Steps 1-3: Go to the Location Sharing screen (Google Maps) or the People tab (Find My) and check who has access to your location.

3. Check apps that have access to location services

Mobile devices display a status symbol when location services are in use—an upside-down teardrop icon (Android) or an arrow-shaped icon (iPhone). If the symbol appears frequently or at odd times, it could indicate that an app uses location data.


Here's how to check apps with location permissions:

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Location (Android) or go to Privacy & Security > Location Services (iOS).
  3. Review apps that always have access to your location and revoke permissions for anything non-essential.
Screenshots that demonstrate how to figure out if your girlfriend is tracking you by reviewing apps with location permissions.
Steps 1-3: Go to Settings > Location (Android) or Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services (iOS) to review apps with location permissions.

4. Identify battery-draining apps

Spyware and tracking apps often drain the battery quickly, so another way to spot them is by checking for high battery usage.


Here's how to check for apps that use excessive battery life:

  1. Go to Settings > Battery (Android and iOS).
  2. Review the list of apps that drain the battery the most.
  3. Uninstall suspicious apps or revoke their access to location services.
Screenshots showing how to check if your girlfriend is tracking you by identifying apps that consume battery life the most on your phone.
Steps 1-2: Go to Settings > Battery (Android and iOS) and check for power-intensive apps.


If you come across a malicious spy tool and have trouble deleting or deactivating it, you can temporarily turn off your phone to disable tracking. Follow up with a factory reset to clear the device of viruses.

5. Check your belongings for tracking devices

Item trackers are another way your girlfriend can track you. Check your bag, wallet, and other belongings for AirTags or similar devices. You can also use apps that detect nearby trackers, such as Tracker Detect (Android) and LightBlue (iPhone), to help you in the process.

6. Check your social media

Your girlfriend can track you based on your social media activity. Many platforms make it possible to see who's visiting your profile, so check if your girlfriend is stalking you. Block any suspicious profiles and review your social media privacy settings to make it harder for her to track you.

Is it normal for your partner to track you

Location sharing among couples can be useful when planning and coordinating activities. However, monitoring a partner's movements without permission isn't normal, indicates trust or control issues, and is an invasion of privacy. If your girlfriend is tracking you, avoid rationalizing her behavior and make it clear that it isn't acceptable.

How to stop your girlfriend from tracking you

Your girlfriend does not have the right to track or spy on you, so it's crucial to take steps to stop her behavior.

1. Talk about the underlying issue that makes her track you

Avoid being confrontational. Instead, talk to her calmly about why she feels the need to track you and deal with trust issues head-on. Understanding her reasons can help you both work out a way to respect your privacy while addressing any insecurities she might have. Communication is also helpful if her behavior stems from past experiences or concern for your safety.

2. Protect your phone and other devices from tracking

Talking doesn't work if you're dealing with a control freak or narcissist. That's why you must make your phone impossible to track.


Here's what you can do to protect your phone and other devices from being tracked:

  • Monitor for spyware: Watch for symptoms of spyware and tracking tools. Delete unfamiliar apps as soon as you find them.
  • Update your devices: Install system software updates regularly. They include fixes for vulnerabilities that malicious software could exploit to track you.
  • Use a strong passcode: Create robust device passcodes to prevent unauthorized access. Avoid sharing your passcodes and update them regularly.
  • Use strong passwords: Create strong passwords for your online accounts and use a password manager to secure them.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Enable 2FA on your accounts to make it harder for your girlfriend to access them, even if she knows your passwords.
  • Review apps with location access: Review and disable location services for apps that don’t need them to reduce the risk of being tracked.
  • Take note of permission requests: Check all permission requests carefully and only grant the necessary permissions for an app to work.
  • Secure your social media: Tighten your social media settings to stop your partner from snooping around. Limit the visibility of your posts only to people you trust.
  • Mask your location: Invest in a VPN (virtual private network) or an all-in-one security solution like Clario Anti Spy to mask your location from tracking software.

3. Get rid of tracking devices in your belongings and car

You can locate regular item trackers by carefully inspecting your belongings or using detection software. Vehicle trackers, on the other hand, may be plugged into your car's OBD port or magnetically attached to areas like the bumpers, wheels, or hood. It's possible to deactivate self-powered trackers yourself, but you'll need an automotive mechanic to handle anything hardwired.


If your girlfriend is tracking you, address the issue directly by talking to her. Discuss her reasons, set clear boundaries, and tackle any trust issues. Find a mutual understanding without compromising your privacy.


Regardless, it's best to put safeguards in place. Clario Anti Spy can help by detecting and removing spyware, enhancing privacy on social media, and masking your location from tracking software.

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