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An essential guide for your digital wellbeing.

Knowledge is power. So not knowing how cybercriminals invade your privacy can cost you money or harm your reputation. Stay up to date on anything cybersecurity-related with the Clario blog. We post malware removal instructions, useful guides, data protection tips, and the latest data breach reports. Let’s secure your every online moment.

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Safe Browsing

What Is Website Tracking and How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered what information websites track about you? This article will break down what website tracing is and how it works.

Safe Browsing

Browser Fingerprinting: What Is It, and How Can You Prevent It?

Learn everything you need to know about browser fingerprinting. We’ll show you how to prevent digital fingerprinting and keep your data secure.

Malware Threats

Trojan Downloader: What is it and How to Secure Your Devices From It

Learn how a Trojan Downloader works and how using an antivirus is the best way to stop it. Read more.

Wireless Networks

What is ISP throttling and how to stop it

Learn what is ISP throttling and how to stop internet throttling.

Wireless Networks

Check your VPN: How to test if VPN is working

Not sure if your VPN is working? This article will show you how to check.

Digital Wellness

What Happens When You Delete Cookies And Should You Do It?

Have you ever wondered if you should delete cookies? This article will provide more information around them and help you decide.

Data Protection

Data Privacy vs. Data Protection: How to Protect User Data and Why It’s Important

Do you know your rights when it comes to data collection? Learn the difference between data privacy and data protection and how to protect your data online.

Safe Browsing

The 17 Best Chrome Privacy & Security Extensions

Staying safe online is more important than ever. Take a look at the 16 best Chrome extensions to protect your privacy and security online.

iOS Security

The Best iPhone Privacy & Security Apps

Looking for the best iPhone security and privacy apps? Look no further. In this guide, we list all the apps you need to protect your iPhone.

iOS Security

How to Control iPhone App Permissions

A quick and easy guide on how to manage your app permissions on iPhone.

Malware Threats

Riskware: What It Is and How To Avoid It

This article is a deep dive into riskware. Continue reading to learn how to spot, remove, and prevent it.

Malware Threats

How to Detect & Remove a Keylogger?

An expert’s guide on how to find and remove keyloggers from your device.
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