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An essential guide for your digital wellbeing.

Knowledge is power. So not knowing how cybercriminals invade your privacy can cost you money or harm your reputation. Stay up to date on anything cybersecurity-related with the Clario blog. We post malware removal instructions, useful guides, data protection tips, and the latest data breach reports. Let’s secure your every online moment.

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Data Protection

How to Change Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Clario’s simple and easy guide on how to secure your Facebook profile

Mac Security

Why Is My Mac Running Slowly? Possible Reasons and Fixes

Learn about the reasons why your Mac is running slow, and find ways to improve its slow performance.

Safe Browsing

Your Activity in Incognito Mode Can be Traced Without a VPN

Learn how to view and delete your incognito history and cover your traces with Clario’s VPN.

Safe Browsing

How to Set up and Use a VPN on Android Phones and Tablets

Setting up a VPN on Android phones and tablets doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll show you how to set up and use a VPN on your Android device.

Data Protection

What to Do if Your Identity Is Stolen

Read our detailed, step-by-step instructions on what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.

Data Protection

What is Packet Sniffing?

Clario’s extensive guide on sniffing, and the best ways to avoid it.

Digital Wellness

How to Protect Your Digital Footprint

Want to protect your personal information? Here’s how you can reduce and safeguard your digital footprint.

Android Security

3 Methods to Remove Ransomware from Android

Check out Clario’s informative guide on how to remove ransomware from your Android device.

Digital Wellness

Is Alexa Always Listening?

Get the best out of Amazon’s Alexa without sacrificing your privacy.

Ads & Adware

What Is AdBlock?

With so many companies clamoring for your attention, pop-ups, banners, and autoplay video ads. Here’s how adblock can help stop it.

iOS Security

How to Report Phishing Scams to Apple?

Read Clario’s comprehensive guide on how to report Apple Phishing Scams

Data Protection

What is a Brute Force Attack? Types & Prevention Steps

When it comes to getting your log-in credentials, hackers use several methods, including brute force attacks.
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