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An essential guide for your digital wellbeing.

Knowledge is power. So not knowing how cybercriminals invade your privacy can cost you money or harm your reputation. Stay up to date on anything cybersecurity-related with the Clario blog. We post malware removal instructions, useful guides, data protection tips, and the latest data breach reports. Let’s secure your every online moment.

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Data Protection

Hacking vs. Cracking: What is Cracking?

Learn about cracking, the difference between cracking and hacking, and how you can protect yourself online.

iOS Security

Removing Apple Security Alerts or Fake Virus Warnings on iPhone

Apple security alerts that pop-up on your iOS device aren't always real, and you should investigate all warnings to avoid falling victim to a scam.

Data Protection

10 Tips to Protect Your Social Security Number

You need to protect your social security number or you could be a victim of identity theft. Here are common-sense precautions you can take to protect your SSN.

Mac Security

Can Macs Get Viruses & Why You Need An Antivirus for Mac

Learn whether Macs can get viruses, whether you need a Mac antivirus, and how you can protect yourself from malware.

Safe Browsing

What is a Firewall & Do You Need it?

The ultimate guide to understanding firewalls and why you need them.

Digital Wellness

Why is Your Cellular Data So Slow? 9 Ways to Speed up Phone Internet

Check out these nine tips to improve your mobile internet speed. Follow easy step-by-step instructions along the way.

Malware Threats

What is Scareware? How to Recognize and Prevent It?

Learn to keep calm and recognize scareware to prevent it from infecting your computer.

Safe Browsing

How to Set Parental Controls on Android Devices?

Learn how you can set up parental controls on an Android device to protect your children from risks online.

Malware Threats

What is Pharming? How to Protect Against a Pharming Attack

Learn how to avoid pharming - an elaborate, modern and hard to spot cybercrime.

Wireless Networks

What is an Evil Twin Attack?

In this article, learn how to protect yourself from evil twin attacks and why they are so dangerous.

Android Security

How to Check if a File Is Safe For Downloading

Check files for viruses before downloading them. Keep your computer safe from malware with these quick steps.

PC Security

How to Remove a Virus and Other Malware from your PC

Computer viruses are here to stay. Here’s how to detect virus and remove it from your PC or Mac.
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