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An essential guide for your digital wellbeing.

Knowledge is power. So not knowing how cybercriminals invade your privacy can cost you money or harm your reputation. Stay up to date on anything cybersecurity-related with the Clario blog. We post malware removal instructions, useful guides, data protection tips, and the latest data breach reports. Let’s secure your every online moment.

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Safe Browsing

How to hide your IP address in 3 different ways

The best way to hide your online activity is by hiding your IP address. Learn how to do it in this article.

Data Protection

10 Data Breaches of the Decade: How Famous Brands Let Us Down

The 2010s were a decade of data breaches. Even the biggest companies lost our personal data to hackers. Find out more on the 10 notorious data breach cases.

Ads & Adware

How to Stop Personalized Google Ads

Are you fed up with digital advertising and wondering how to stop Google ads? Read on for our solution.

Digital Wellness

Top 15 Internet Safety Rules for Everyone

Check out the top internet safety tips to help you live your best online life and browse the web freely and securely.

Android Security

How to Stop Pop-up Ads on Android? The Danger of Android Pop-Ups

Android pop-up ads are annoying. What’s worse, they are potentially dangerous. Learn what causes them and how to stop Android pop-ups in a few clicks!

Malware Threats

What is a Macro Virus: Symptoms, Examples, and Prevention

Macro virus: How Word and Excel documents can infect your computer and how to prevent macros malware

Malware Threats

A Comprehensive Guide On Dealing With Computer Worms

Computer worms pose a real threat to you and your PC. Learn how computer worms spread and how you can prevent them.

Android Security

Do I Need Antivirus Software For Android Phone?

Does your Android need an antivirus, and can it really help with malicious software? Learn how to protect your Android phones and tablets from malware.

Digital Wellness

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers: the Ultimate Guide

Don’t know how to protect yourself from hackers? Find all the answers about people hacking in this ultimate guide.

Wireless Networks

How to Set up a Guest Wi-Fi Network at Home

Looking for a safe way to share your home Wi-Fi with your guests? Learn how to set up a guest Wi-Fi network for your family and friends.

Ads & Adware

How to Stop Facebook Ads Once and For All

Learn how to customize ad preferences to make promotional posts less personal or get rid of all Facebook ads in one fell swoop.

Digital Wellness

What is Artificial Intelligence? All You Need to Know About AI

Artificial intelligence explained in simple words. What is AI? How does it work? How safe is it? We’ve got all the answers you’ll need in one article.
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