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An essential guide for your digital wellbeing.

Knowledge is power. So not knowing how cybercriminals invade your privacy can cost you money or harm your reputation. Stay up to date on anything cybersecurity-related with the Clario blog. We post malware removal instructions, useful guides, data protection tips, and the latest data breach reports. Let’s secure your every online moment.

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iOS Security

iPhone Lightning Cable Can Hack Your Mac: How it works and how to protect yourself

The article details what O.MG cable is and how to recognize it. Learn how to protect your devices from hackers and keep your data safe.

Data Protection

Report: Data Exposure discovered at EventBuilder, the Global Specialists in Webinar Conference Planning

Report: Data Exposure discovered at EventBuilder company

Malware Threats

Facebook Spreads Viruses Too. Here’s How to Stay Protected

Facebook viruses: is there a cure? Clario talks about Facebook safety.

Safe Browsing

How to Change IP Address Location with VPN

Learn why you need to change your virtual location and how to do it with the help of a VPN service

Data Protection

What Is Spoofing? Definition, Types, and Security Tips

What does spoofing mean? Learn the definition of spoofing and how to prevent its main forms in our comprehensive article.

Digital Wellness

Social Engineering Scams: How to Recognize and Avoid Them

Social engineers exploit human vulnerabilities to trick us into divulging personal data. Learn how to recognize and protect yourself against social engineering

Ads & Adware

What Is Malvertising and How Can You Protect Yourself From It?

Malvertising is the use of online ads to spread malware. Learn about different kinds of malware and how to keep yourself safe.

Safe Browsing

How To Turn on Private Browsing in Any Browser on any Device

Learn how to turn on incognito mode in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. The article features step-by-step guides on using private browsing on macOS and phones

Safe Browsing

What Is Incognito Mode and How Does It Work?

You’re browsing in incognito mode to protect your privacy, but is incognito mode really private and safe? Find all the answers in this comprehensive guide.

Data Protection

How to Delete Personal Information from the Internet

The internet doesn't come with a 'delete' button. Here’s how to secure and remove your personal information from the web.

Safe Browsing

Do You Need a VPN at Home? (A Setup Guide)

Do you need a VPN at home? Find your answers here, and learn how to set up a VPN on your Mac and router with our step-by-step guide.

Safe Browsing

Prevent cross-site tracking on Mac In Safari and Chrome

Don’t want to share your browsing habits with advertisers? Learn what cross-website tracking is and how to stop it on your Mac
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